Fusion: Our technology platform

Managing workflow from dispatch to service

How Fusion Works

Client submits service request

Optimal Service Provider is selected and dispatched

Work is performed by a Vixxo Service Provider

The Service Provider uploads the invoice to Fusion; Vixxo verifies fair pricing for parts and labor using CAPS

Vixxo invoices client and logs data for future use

Streamlining your operations with our innovative platform

Human-powered technology

Fusion isn't just an advanced software platform. It's also an army of connected technicians across more than 100 trades, all responding to real-time updates and providing valuable intelligence data back into the system. Anyone can build software; we've built a massive, interconnected network of humans to go along with it.

Technology-powered humans

With powerful asset insights informed by big data analytics, machine-to-machine communication and real-time updates provided by technicians, Fusion enables more-informed choices across the asset management lifecycle, whether it’s solving a late-night emergency repair or evaluating assets for next year’s budget.

Workflow Management

Our process makes sure the job is done right the first time.

Performance reports monitor and track on-time arrival, first-time fix and vital service benchmarks, ensuring costs are managed during all stages of the service request.

KPI Reporting

Performance reports monitor and track on-time arrival, first-time-first-fix and vital service benchmarks.

Mobile Technology

Get real-time updates on your requests through geo-fencing and work order completion technology.

Continuously Analyzing Pricing System (CAPS)

Our advanced Service Provider solution ensures that our clients are charged the best rates on labor, materials and provides a series of additional benefits.

  • Continuous reviewing the market price of parts and labor for all critical assets
  • Submission of invoices through convenient mobile apps
  • Immediate invoice auditing to ensure the lowest market price
  • Adherence to negotiated rates and the elimination of ancillary expenses

"Fusion is the system we've always dreamed of building, but never had the resources to create ourselves"

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