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Get Your Fix: How an Operational Partner Elevates OEM Efficiency

Oct 19, 2020 6:29:42 PM


OEMs and manufacturers handling large product launches often struggle with operational efficiency and installation.

Fortunately, an operational partner can ease that inefficiency.

Vixxo Director of Construction Eric Warner and Vice President of Projects and Partner Development Ryan Baumgartner explored with host Daniel Litwin how a partner like Vixxo can bring both increased speed and scalability to OEM and manufacturer workflows.

Typically, Baumgartner said, product deployments that see retailers attempt to use their own install groups, project managers and more cause thrash, as retailers aren’t prepared for that level of bandwidth.

That’s where Vixxo comes in.

An outsourced partner can complete such projects in significantly less time, bringing an increased speed to market without sacrificing the capabilities to get the job done right or ballooning costs.

“It’s a much more cost-effective solution, and it removes that thrash from your internal organizations,” Baumgartner said.

In essence, adding an outsourced operational partner brings that increased speed, even for high-velocity, high-volume projects, helping companies realize revenue faster, reduce their operational burden and overhead, and protect customers and uphold reputation by having complete visibility into logistics and scheduling that allows for oversight and accountability.

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