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Get Your Fix: Preventing Product Loss Starts with Refrigeration Maintenance

Sep 17, 2020 11:23:28 AM



In a time when mental energy is expounded on even the simplest tasks, it may be easy to forget about refrigeration.

Since it involves some of the longest-lasting equipment in a store, it can slip the mind. However, there’s a list of things that need to be done to make sure the system is still running properly and not developing issues that could cost business owners down the line.

“A preventative maintenance program is definitely at the top of that list. Let’s fix things before they cause cascading failures and you really end up spending a lot of money that you could’ve gotten in front of,” said Nick Krusch, Director, Client Relations at Vixxo. “That’s a big piece of it, especially the basic pieces of those preventative maintenance programs like filter changes and coil cleanings in order to keep the efficiency of the units operating optimally.”

Keeping a close relationship with the facilities manager and understanding what some of the challenges they’re facing are also can be critical for good upkeep.

“We bring experience and recommendations from really trusted business partners and implement business practices, so we can go to our customers with suggested scopes of work that may be really comprehensive,” said Bryan Hartnett, Vixxo’s SVP of Service Center Operations. “We can point out the pros and cons, like, ‘Here’s your risk if you don’t include these things. Here’s what you may expect to spend. Do you really want to include refrigeration on a full-scope PM program, or do you want to keep that broken off separately?’”

There may be advantages and disadvantages to various courses of action, so working with the experts can make sure that your refrigeration maintenance is taken care of and sucking up as little of your mental energy as possible.

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