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Get Your Fix: Elevating Manufacturer Operations - Strategic Insights Drive Powerful Results

Jul 16, 2021 5:27:03 PM


The world of manufacturing is changing. Demand is constantly growing, and supply chains are getting increasingly complex. The end result is a business environment that requires constant attention to detail, flexibility, and scalability.

You might have scalability down to a science when it comes to producing quality products efficiently – but what about when it comes time to actually installing your solutions? Particularly in the case of large-scale rollouts, your internal teams likely don’t have the bandwidth to manage them alongside all of their other critical duties.

This sudden pressure on your teams leads to internal churn and burnout, inefficient processes, and thrash, which all add up to dissatisfied customers and a clear inhibitor holding you back from the growth your operation could be experiencing.

Partnering with a third-party installation expert can ease this tension, offering you a way to confidently support your sales team and consistently and rapidly roll out your product to customers of all sizes. The right installation partner can also support those equipment rollouts with preventative maintenance and 24/7 support, letting you realize revenue and growth more quickly than ever.

In this series, we’ll tackle how a third-party partner like Vixxo can help you achieve these goals by diving into specific aspects of a successful outsourced installation relationship.

First up, let’s take a look at how strategic insights and actionable data not only give your organization confidence in your partnership, but let your customers know that your installation processes are bringing them clear benefits.

Strategic Insights Offer a Clear Picture of Outsourced Installation Success

Data is everything in the modern manufacturing landscape. It helps you understand how efficient your organization is, where there is opportunity for improvement, and how you can better serve your customers and their growing demands.

As such, you should expect your third-party installation partner to be able to provide actionable strategic insights and analytics that not only help your organization make the right moves, but back up the work that partner is doing to advance your core goals.

That data should encompass both “30,000-foot view” metrics that outline planning surrounding your entire partnership and timeline, as well as more granular insights that can help you adapt to individual customer needs and be agile throughout large-scale rollouts.

Here are three key tips for getting the most out of your partner and the strategic insights they can provide.

  • Establish an Understanding of Long-Term Expectations

First and foremost, you need to enter into any third-party partnership with a clear understanding of your “endgame.” If you can define your core business objectives and growth initiatives, your outsourced installation partner can tailor their efforts to helping you achieve those specific outcomes.

It’s also especially important that this mapping of expectations and goals occurs at a granular level and that everyone involved in the partnership, from executives to project managers and more, has a thorough understanding of that ideal journey.

  • Identify Common Pain Points and Pitfalls

Regardless of the work you put into developing a strategy, defining your overarching goals can be difficult in an environment where the goalposts are always moving.

You – rightly so – focus your team’s efforts on customer experience, scalability, product innovation, and processes that help keep pace with demand, because that’s what today’s landscape requires.

However, and particularly without a strong third-party installation partner, this breakneck pace can lead to overwhelmed teams and shortcomings across the board as talented employees are spread too thin. That results in unhappy customers experiencing subpar rollouts – which you can’t afford when you make the jump to large-scale, business-defining deals.

With that in mind, it’s critical to work with your installation partner to identify common mistakes experienced in other rollouts and areas where your projects may run into trouble.

This also means that partners with extensive experience across industries have a distinct advantage. They can help you tailor your effort to each individual client and their needs, as well as avoid unique challenges and issues before they arise.

  • Demand Insights that Back Up a Commitment to Excellence

This is the bread and butter of powerful, usable strategic insights and data. No large-scale rollout strategy is worth a penny if you can’t prove that it’s working for both your organization and your customers, and that’s where the right partner can truly excel.

Both you and your customers need evidence that your products are being installed efficiently and correctly every single time. Thorough photography and documentation can back up that claim. Maintenance and service records highlight a commitment to the entire lifecycle of a product, not just the installation, and specific categories of data, such as definitive timelines, can drive both lasting relationships and new sales.

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When you work with us, you can be confident that your projects have the end-to-end support they need to drive revenue and satisfied customers. Our experience and expertise translate directly to powerful results.

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