Using data to make better business decisions

Vixxo has been tracking manufacturers’ asset performance data for more than 15 years. We’ve developed a comprehensive system to gather, log and analyze how facility assets perform in the real world and our manufacturer partners are using this data to create a competitive advantage.

Insight into asset performance

We partner with manufacturers to provide information on equipment performance, delivering competitive benchmarks and insight to support product improvements.

Affordable warranty services performed by expert technicians

We partner with manufacturers to administer warranties through our Service Provider network, reducing overhead and administrative costs.

Machine-to-machine technology enabling predictive analytics

With wireless sensors and cloud-based analytics, M2M allows real-time monitoring, remote control and advanced diagnostics to maximize update of critical assets.

Your Partner for technician training

Vixxo regularly partners with asset manufacturers to provide training and certification services to Service Providers and technicians in our extensive network.


We can provide equipment certification based on your requirements, helping to ensure a high standard of technician service.


We distribute your training materials and deliver training curriculum directly to technicians actively working on your products in the field.

We work with manufacturers like you

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our manufacturer partners

We've helped companies like these in industries as diverse as food service, beverage equipment, HVAC, refrigeration, fuel and plumbing

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