Having a Facilities Plan for Natural Disasters Helps Your Organization Bounce Back

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Recovering from the operational effects of natural disasters is complicated enough. Repairing facilities and equipment can be even more complicated.

Whether it’s winter storms, earthquakes, heat waves, landslides or something else entirely, your company will eventually be exposed to risk.

During a time when resources we take for granted - like electricity, safe roads and clean water - aren’t always available, responding to the effects of a disaster is especially difficult.

The uncertainty that comes in the wake of natural disasters is a key reason why businesses create a detailed response plan. Having a strategy in place means your business can start acting on it quickly, instead of needing to develop that plan during an especially turbulent time.

Building an effective and relevant facilities plan for natural disaster response

Assessing your risk factors is a key first step in natural disaster response. 

The Red Cross offered a map of common disasters across the country, grouped by region, that can help you decide which types of incidents should receive the most attention. You don’t have to plan for a volcano erupting or tsunami if you’re based in New England, for example, but hurricanes and snowstorms should be top of mind. Understanding the relevant risks helps you develop more relevant and effective plans.

FEMA provided a series of in-depth guides that can help you do everything from efficiently inventorying key equipment to building a business continuity plan that will guide you through the aftermath of a disaster.

With a well-rounded understanding of how your company should respond before, during and after these events, everyone in the organization can feel more confident about an impending issue.

Finding a facilities management partner to put your plan into action

A plan for responding to disasters is a great start. It can guide your company during difficult times and give you the best chance of quickly resuming regular operations. A trustworthy facilities management partner helps you execute these plans, connecting you with specialized service teams that focus on addressing natural disasters and other types of emergencies.

By working with a facilities management partner, your enterprise can more efficiently respond once the immediate danger passes. An experienced partner that’s ready to respond can help you:

  • Assess the overall safety and security of your facility after a natural disaster.
  • Recognize and isolate hazards whenever possible.
  • Return key equipment and assets to good working order.
  • Identify and prioritize repairs based on factors like operational need and employee safety.

Responding to the effects of natural disasters isn’t easy. It isn’t practical or cost effective for many companies to continuously maintain all of the specialized staff and resources necessary to address the problems caused by these incidents. In this way, having a facilities management partner ready to respond can be effective from both financial and operational perspectives.

Vixxo is here to help with natural disaster recovery

When your business chooses to partner with Vixxo as part of its natural disaster recovery plans, it can expect experienced, highly trained and focused technicians for every job. Our service natural disaster and emergency assistance service teams understand how to operate under difficult conditions and work toward the vital goal of getting your business back on track.

To learn more about how we can help your company prepare for and respond to the effects of a natural disaster, get in touch with us today.

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