Doors open, lights on... seems simple enough, but with multiple locations to manage, you’re undoubtedly juggling a pretty lengthy list of to-dos. It’s hard to manage your facilities - even when things are running smoothly. But when equipment breaks? Well, “open for business” can feel like a pretty lofty goal.

With Vixxo at your side, you’ll work with a network of 150,000 experienced service providers who are ready when you need them.

From equipment lifecycle analyses to customer-driven product launches, you’ll have what you need to make informed decisions that will help you build your brand and control costs.


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Service Provider Spotlight

Inna Tuner HeadshotFor many, Southern California brings to mind sunny beaches, amusement parks and terrific food inspired by different cultures. But for Maintco Corp’s CEO, Inna Tuler, the Golden Coast is where her teams of construction crews and service technicians tend to everyday customer building improvements, emergencies, natural disasters and many different requests in between.

Maintco began in 1992 as a small residential carpet cleaning business. Over time, Maintco expanded its services to include painting, repairs and electrical work, and eventually shifted their focus to the commercial building industry.

A Vixxo provider since 2009, Maintco teams tend to a densely populated area of customer locations. Endless traffic requires strategic planning to ensure technicians and crews arrive onsite quickly and safely. Inna and her team rely heavily on their first responders, a group of cross-trained experts tactically placed in busy areas, to step in when an emergency strikes.  

The majority of Maintco teams are cross-trained in multiple trades, making them a dependable and valued member of Vixxo’s service provider network.

Proud to advertise that she has never refused a call, Inna is as committed to her teams as she is her customers. In fact, she calls them her “business card.” Many of them have been with her for more than two decades and are now responsible for training the next generation of Maintco experts.

Inna is also proud of her accreditations which include CPM, LEED AP®, SIX-SIGMA GREEN BELT, as well as being a Certified Women Owned Enterprisepositively impacting her employees, the community and other female entrepreneurs.

Customer obsession, determination and quality have and always will be Inna and Maintco’ s driving forces — come rain or shine.  


Photos by ANDY MARX


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