Doors open, lights on... seems simple enough, but with multiple locations to manage, you’re undoubtedly juggling a pretty lengthy list of to-dos. It’s hard to manage your facilities - even when things are running smoothly. But when equipment breaks? Well, “open for business” can feel like a pretty lofty goal.

With Vixxo at your side, you’ll work with a network of 150,000 experienced service providers who are ready when you need them.

From equipment lifecycle analyses to customer-driven product launches, you’ll have what you need to make informed decisions that will help you build your brand and control costs.


Integrated Facilities Management

Enjoy full-service facilities management delivered through regional service centers and our high performance
service provider network.


Service Provider Spotlight

When Vixxo coffee technicians walk into Starbucks, they want to hear the “Cheers effect.”

Viewers of the iconic 1980s sitcom knew the program’s theme song by heart, including: “Everybody knows your name.” According to Kelly Fitzroy, Vixxo’s Director of Operations for Coffee Brew and Grind, her technicians try to build that kind of close relationship at each store.

Her team serves 7,500 of the 9,900 Starbucks-owned locations, including those in Safeway and Target stores, where both Starbucks and their patrons expect superb coffee as part of the customer experience. Vixxo’s coffee technicians meet and exceed those expectations by maintaining the acclaimed Mastrena espresso machine to pull a perfect shot each and every time.

Kelly began her coffee career at Starbucks, first as a store manager and later as a coffee tech. In 2010, she left Starbucks to become a service manager in our northeast region. In this new role, Kelly took on responsibility for the performance of coffee machines at about 1,000 stores. She also oversaw compliance with KPI and SLA standards by her reports. Her success as a service manager led to her current director position about five years ago.

She shares her success with the members of her team and gives them much of the credit for executing the client strategy and delivering the metrics that retain the client. “We’re all coffee geeks at heart. You can’t do this job unless you know what a good shot tastes like and smells like.”

Techs understand, under Kelly’s leadership, that their ability to hit their SLA targets contributes to each store meeting its sales goals. That results in well-earned pride across her team, and each member makes a personal commitment to exceeding Starbucks’ expectations.

Vixxo’s team of coffee technicians dedicates themselves to the quality of every cup Starbucks serves. As the leader of such an accomplished group, Kelly keeps her people ready for the next challenge and shines the spotlight on them. “It’s not me, it’s the techs. It’s their ideas I’m harnessing.”


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