Doors open, lights on... seems simple enough, but with multiple locations to manage, you’re undoubtedly juggling a pretty lengthy list of to-dos. It’s hard to manage your facilities - even when things are running smoothly. But when equipment breaks? Well, “open for business” can feel like a pretty lofty goal.

With Vixxo at your side, you’ll work with a network of 150,000 experienced service providers who are ready when you need them.

From equipment lifecycle analyses to customer-driven product launches, you’ll have what you need to make informed decisions that will help you build your brand and control costs.


Integrated Facilities Management

Enjoy full-service facilities management delivered through regional service centers and our high performance
service provider network.


Service Provider Spotlight


Ryan Jackson, Vice President of Commercial HVAC at Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning,knows a thing or two about delivering great service. He and his team have been doing it for almost four decades.

In the ten years since joining Vixxo’s service provider network, Vernon’s business has steadily grown. Field technicians and internal staff work closely to tend to the 600+ client locations they manage with Vixxo.

The ability to tackle problems with a sense of urgency is essential for a growing service provider. Mobile technology and a streamlined billing system enable a smooth end-to-end operation between Vernon and Vixxo, driving even better service for the customer.       

Ryan credits the company culture and his dedicated team for their success. Complacency is not an option. “Installing a compressor in the snow or freezing rain, replacing a motor and pulley in the dark; these are situations we train for and are very good at” reflects Jackson. “When the core of your business is centered on resolving issues, you have to be ready for anything.” 

It’s no secret that talented technicians are hard to find…and keep! But Vernon has always been committed to finding the best talent and helping them develop their careers through training, mentorship and challenging work.

With a growing portfolio of locations, a mutual commitment to performance and exceptional service, the partnership between Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning and Vixxo has amazing potential for many more years to come.

Pictured left: Ryan Jackson surrounded by team members Brandon Cooper, Andy Mangold, Dave Long, Leslie Lenel and Krystal McKay



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