Service Provider Spotlight


No matter the location or the scope of work, Vixxo’s network of highly experienced service providers work within their communities to deliver so our customers can serve theirs. Meet a few of Vixxo’s service provider partners and learn about their unique perspective on the work they do.

City Maintenance & Service Company (New Jersey, USA)  | American Air HVAC (Tennessee, USA)  |  Big Country Restaurant & Refrigeration (Texas, USA)

Day Break Coffee Roasters (Texas, USA)  |  Springbank Mechanical (Ontario, Canada)  |  Starbucks Coffee Technicians (USA)


City Maintenance and Service Company

When Vixxo coffee technicians walk into Starbucks, they want to hear the “Cheers effect.”

City Maintenance & Service Company has been an institution in the northern New Jersey area since 2001, specializing in commercial retail maintenance and services. They operate by a simple, but powerful code: focus on doing great work and the rest of the business falls into place. Their dedication to exceeding their customers’ expectations is one of the many reasons their new clients primarily come to them based on the positive word of mouth generated from the great work they do. When a service provider doesn’t need to advertise to grow and stay healthy, you know they have built something special and unique.

“It’s an interesting backstory,” according to Greg Leuzzi, founder and master plumber at City Maintenance. “My father was in the industry for many years – and he had worked with Vixxo through its many evolutions and integrations since the 1970s. In 2001, I launched City Maintenance & Service Company, focused almost exclusively on retailers. While our main lines of service are plumbing, we expanded our support to include general maintenance services as our customers’ needs shifted. It is because of our flexibility to respond to their needs that keeps our customers coming back - and constantly referring business to us.”

Given most of their customers are in the retail space, volumes and hours have slowed, but have not fully stopped over the past few months. Being a trusted partner to their customer has been key to working through COVID-19 and related challenges. Their customers know that City Maintenance is here for them now and will be there for them regardless of what the future holds.

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American Air HVAC

Location: Chattanooga, TN and Cleveland, TN, USA

Founded: 2002

American Air HVAC Inc. has grown from a small business to one of the Chattanooga area’s most highly recommended service providers. Al & Dee Harjes have grown their business into the largest Trane dealer and Comfort Trane Specialist in all of Hamilton and Bradley counties and the third-largest Trane dealer in their tri-state area. With their sons joining the business, it has become a real family affair with the intent of maintaining a friendly, home-town approach to all customers, regardless of size or type of service.

As a unified team, their commitment to the customer experience is what they value most and what sets them apart from other providers. Service Manager Bret Harjes shared, “From day one, my parents understood that this is a people business – this is something they instilled in us from an early age. To this day, this is how we operate and what we continue to look for and inspire in every technician we work with. People value quality service and timeliness when they need a service call, but repeat business and new referrals come with meeting needs with a smile and conscientious effort to make things convenient for the client.”

Their successes in winning customer accolades have been many and serve as a point of pride for the entire team. Feedback, testimonials, and thankful praise for a job well done are taken very seriously and are featured on both their website and company Facebook page. Along with their dedication to their customers and techs, they also play an active role in their local community. Several team members serve as instructors in the local school district’s “Future Ready” program, which brings technical and trade training into the public-school curriculum.

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BCRR Big Country

Big Country Restaurant and Refrigeration, Inc.

Location: Abilene, TX (Primary), San Angelo, TX (Secondary), USA

Founded: 1984

For over 35 years, Big Country Restaurant & Refrigeration Service, Inc. has served as a key service provider partner to the west-central Texas restaurant and business community. Founders and owners David and Kay Cramer have a mission-driven approach to service, valuing the end-customer experience on the same level as the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of the work.

The Cramer’s ensure their team of technicians receive constant and ongoing training on the technical aspects of the work, as well as reflect an ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction (which is not always easy when technicians are serving clientele spread across remote areas of Texas – sometimes up to six hours, one way). “When it comes to serving our customers, we do whatever it takes,” says Kay Cramer. “For everyone on the team, it’s not just about completing a service call on time. Given our unique location in Texas, we often have to go the actual ‘extra mile’ to reach our customers to take care of their needs.”

When anyone on the team at Big Country engages with a customer, they emphasize courteousness and empathy – taking the approach that the customer has a problem they need solved and that they have the honor of being able to support them. From the initial call to report a need for service, all the way through ensuring satisfaction with the work completed, the Big Country team emphasizes professionalism.

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Day Break Coffee Roasters

Location: Lubbock, TX, USA

Founded: 1991

Day Break Coffee Roasters is one of a handful of service providers that can boast of fueling countless people’s mornings. Daybreak has carved a successful niche as a full-service office coffee provider and support large-scale coffee operations across Texas and eastern New Mexico.

The smell of roasted coffee greets guests at the offices of Day Break Coffee Roasters in Lubbock, Texas, however, don’t expect barista’s on hand to brew or blend up your favorite coffee concoction. In addition to servicing coffee machinery and selling allied products, Daybreak is a full-fledged coffee roasting operation, shipping their freshly roasted coffee beans to customers across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

“We are unique in that we understand coffee end-to-end,” says Daybreak founder Scott Gloyna. “I and several on the team have been on the bar end of coffee service and can often work backwards from comments on how the coffee tastes to deduce the root cause behind what our customers are brewing, then get it fixed, whether it’s a machine issue or related to their beans. On the roasting side of things, I am constantly refining our processes and travel to coffee plantations in South America to observe and directly sample the products we use – the quality and flavor of the beans we select to roast is critically important to us.”

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Springbank Mechanical

Springbank Mechanical Systems Ltd.

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada, serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

Founded: 1990

Springbank began with a singular vision of excellence and a set of principles that guide every aspect of the business. The team attributes their growth and success directly to staying true to these principles. One of Springbank’s points of pride is their responsiveness – they are dedicated to answering customer questions within just one hour.

Paul DeThomasis, Vice President at Springbank, started as an apprentice with the company over 20 years ago. He takes the company’s principles personally and sees them a key differentiator. “My goal has always been to offer our customers products, services, and solutions that have long-term benefits. Sharing common values and understanding our customers’ needs has built strong relations. This is what sets us apart and makes us unique.”

In addition to their customer-facing values, Springbank has clear principles around the safety of their field technician. Beyond keeping tools up to date, inspected, and maintained, there is an acute focus on aligning the most qualified technician to every service call and ensuring safety protocols stay top of mind. Springbank routinely is ahead of association or licensing board mandates in rolling out new safety processes to ensure the team is protected and maintains the latest information regarding safety protocols.

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Starbucks Team

Starbucks Coffee Technicians Team

When Vixxo coffee technicians walk into Starbucks, they want to hear the “Cheers effect.”

Viewers of the iconic 1980s sitcom knew the program’s theme song by heart, including: “Everybody knows your name.” According to Kelly Fitzroy, Vixxo’s Director of Operations for Coffee Brew and Grind, her technicians try to build that kind of close relationship at each store.

Her team serves 7,500 of the 9,900 Starbucks-owned locations, including those in Safeway and Target stores, where both Starbucks and their patrons expect superb coffee as part of the customer experience. Vixxo’s coffee technicians meet and exceed those expectations by maintaining the acclaimed Mastrena espresso machine to pull a perfect shot each and every time.

Kelly began her coffee career at Starbucks, first as a store manager and later as a coffee tech. In 2010, she left Starbucks to become a service manager in our northeast region. In this new role, Kelly took on responsibility for the performance of coffee machines at about 1,000 stores. She also oversaw compliance with KPI and SLA standards by her reports. Her success as a service manager led to her current director position about five years ago.

She shares her success with the members of her team and gives them much of the credit for executing the client strategy and delivering the metrics that retain the client. “We’re all coffee geeks at heart. You can’t do this job unless you know what a good shot tastes like and smells like.”

Techs understand, under Kelly’s leadership, that their ability to hit their SLA targets contributes to each store meeting its sales goals. That results in well-earned pride across her team, and each member makes a personal commitment to exceeding Starbucks’ expectations.

Vixxo’s team of coffee technicians dedicates themselves to the quality of every cup Starbucks serves. As the leader of such an accomplished group, Kelly keeps her people ready for the next challenge and shines the spotlight on them. “It’s not me, it’s the techs. It’s their ideas I’m harnessing.”

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