Best Thing About Working at Vixxo?

The people - Hands Down.


When you join our team, you’ll have an opportunity to work with - and influence - some of the largest, most well-known convenience stores, grocers, restaurants, and retailers. We’re looking for smart, passionate, people to help us transform the fast-paced facilities management industry.


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Our Associates

Meet Johannes Guese

I am driven by building and maintaining great relationships with our expert service providers across the US and Canada. I truly enjoy working at Vixxo because of the great teamwork, support and enthusiasm that we all share.

Meet Eric Patros

As the Director of Operations, I focus on bringing best-in-class service to our customers throughout North America. I enjoy working with a collaborative, experienced team at Vixxo for it has helped me establish creative and effective solutions for our customers, service providers, and service center teams.

Meet Gina Pena

I focus on the integration of the service providers on local and national levels, to bring the highest level of service to our clients. By aligning clients' unique business objectives with service partners, we streamline maintenance and improve cost savings.