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What Signage Solution is Right for Your Business?

Whether you are a grocery store, convenience store, restaurant, or retail business, signage is one of the primary communicators of your brand.

It is how customers establish their first impression of your business, navigate the customer experience, and ultimately the image that represents customer loyalty.

Customers want high quality, reliable experiences and your signage should communicate that at each and every location.

With so many options for signage, how do you know which solution is right for your business?

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Broadly, most businesses need two types of signage: interior and exterior. 

Exterior signage is often what people think of first when they think of a business. However, interior signage is just as important because it guides customers through the shopping or dining experience. Each type of signage has unique installation, repair, and maintenance needs.


Exterior Signage: Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

There are many types of exterior signs and each is designed to maximize visibility to the traveling public. 

These are typically internally illuminated and most often utilize LED lighting, although alternates may include fluorescent bulbs, incandescent lamps or neon as their light source.


Choosing a sign design that will maximize the businesses location is critical. There are numerous types of signs that each serve a purpose.

  • Pylon Signs: These are typically mounted on a pole or on a base, also known as monument signs.
  • Mounted Signs: These can be designed to be a cabinet sign with a "face" the describes the business. The face can be as simple as plastic with vinyl copy applied or as complex as a routed face with "push through" copy, a labor intensive way of making the face.
  • Channel Letters: These are also building mounted and are individual letters that have plastic faces or are open-faced. They can also be "halo-lit" which allows the light to shine against the surface to which the letters are mounted, creating a shadow effect at night.
  • Electronic Message Centers (EMC): These are electronic message centers which allow messaging and graphics and can be monochrome or full color.
  • Neon Signage: (colored, electrified gas is pushed through a glass tube). Neon can come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and offers a classic look. Sometimes these signs stand alone, and sometimes neon signage has additional signage printed or painted on the wall behind it and serves to simply enhance the overall effect.
  • Lightbox Signage: (sometimes called backlit signage or cabinet signs; graphics are printed on translucent sheets and mounted to a lightbox). These are highly customizable with your established branding and graphics. Some are also clear, and you can add dark plastic interchangeable letters to customize temporary messages.
  • Halo Lit Signs: (sometimes called channel lit or illuminated letter signs; metal letters/logos are fitted with lights on the back, so that at night the dark letters stand out against the light hitting the building). These offer a clean, sleek monochromatic modern look for your exterior signage.
  • Digital or LED Signs: (pixelated displays specially made to be displayed exteriors). These displays are often installed with another form of lighted signage, and they allow you to advertise special messages or images that you can change easily and frequently.

These are the most common categories of exterior signage that businesses use. Each type requires specialized maintenance that should be completed by commercial signage specialists. By partnering with a facilities management company, you can make sure someone is always paying attention to whether your exterior business signage needs repair or maintenance, taking one more thing off of your plate. And if you partner with Vixxo, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting experienced and professional specialists that will keep your exterior lighted signage in tip-top shape.


Interior Signage: Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Similarly to exterior signage, interior signage is also a critical part of your business' branding, consistent customer experience, and overall aesthetic.



While some exterior types of signs are also used indoors, especially halo lit signage, there are a few additional options for interior signage installation, repair and maintenance, such as:

  • Floor and Wall Directional Signage: These are a fantastic way to help your customers navigate large spaces. Plus, they are usually made of vinyl or other durable materials and professional-grade floor signage holds up well to extensive foot traffic. Still, they will need professional maintenance to make sure they are not only up to date, but clean and in good condition.
  • Printed Metal or Glass Signs:  These can be an affordable option for those wanting to achieve a high-end look with a limited budget. Made from high quality brushed aluminum or stainless steel, these signs are long-lasting materials and come in standard sizes. They typically require professional installation, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them from getting grimy, scratched, or covered in fingerprints, especially if aluminum signage is in a high-traffic area.
  • Cut Metal Signs: Slightly more expensive than their printed counterparts, these high quality customizable signs offer a sleek, highly professional look. They can also be installed with lights in the back for a halo lighting effect in lower-light conditions or at night in externally visible offices, giving a high-end look with relatively low maintenance needs.
  • Hanging Signs:  Most often used in large, high-traffic places like convenience stores and grocery stores, hanging signs are not usually lit themselves, but may be installed with a spotlight nearby. These require professional installation to make sure they are safely secured to the ceiling. Some of these feature semi-customizable sliding panels, so that if you need to change some of your signage slightly to accommodate changes to product placements, you can simply slide panels in or out.
  • Product Signage: Don't forget about the signage most critical to selling products inside of your store - your product signage! When you decide to upgrade your customer experience from simple printed sheets, you may choose to install chalkboards, standing floor signs, banners, tombstone vinyl standing signs, small product labels, or any other number of higher quality product signage. These can help cement your brand vision and values in your customers’ minds and should not be neglected in your facilities management plan. Though they may not be large or lit, they will still require proper installation and maintenance to make sure they are in good condition at all times, since they are the signs most frequently touched by customers and employees.

Vixxo Has the Signage Solution For You

Whether you represent grocery stores, convenience stores, retail spaces, or restaurants, your signage plan is a critical component of the customer experience. Whatever your signage needs, Vixxo has the right specialists and experts at hand to make sure signage installation, repair, and maintenance is one less thing you have to worry about.