Exterior Services

Is Your Company Green?
No, We Mean Actually Green.

From trees, flowers, and lawns to sparkling windows and perfectly striped parking lots, the exterior of your business shows your customers that you care. While landscaping and other exterior services are unique to every location and brand, maintenance of the exterior of your building is absolutely essential. Bring the care and attention you give the inside of your business to the outside! You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make when attracting and keeping lifelong customers.
Partnering with Vixxo for your facility's exterior services needs ensures you are getting vetted, expert technicians every time, with a manageable, planned budget that extends the life of your facilities and helps you save money.
Exterior services and repairs can cover many areas on your commercial properties. Too many business owners leave exterior fixes until the last minute, and exterior facilities management suddenly becomes a huge unexpected cost. This can have a negative impact on customer confidence and loyalty. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way - Vixxo can help!

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Exterior Service: Parking Lot Maintenance

Have you ever been to a store where the parking lot was in disrepair, littered with trash and had barely-legible parking lines?


That type of experience does not exactly inspire confidence in the facility does it? Parking lot wear and tear is a great indicator that you are getting a lot of customer traffic, but keeping it clean, maintained, well-lit, and easy to navigate will keep them coming back. While parking lots are often overlooked in facility management plans, they make a huge impression on customers and shouldn't be forgotten. Add them to your exterior services plan today!


Exterior Service: Landscaping & Plant Care

One of the best ways to show your customers that you care is through landscaping! Even before they walk in the front door, your landscaping and your signage are visible from the road.


Not all grocery, convenience, retail, or restaurant locations are conducive to lush, flowing gardens, nor do all brands need that. But even something as simple as tall planters by the front door, well-maintained for each season, can add a welcoming pop of green to the outside of your building and make a budget-friendly but impactful impression on customer experience. Potted trees throughout the parking lot, small sidewalk beds with local, water-friendly species, and beautiful hedges along the exterior foundation can go a long way in making your business appear more welcoming and trustworthy to customers.

With Vixxo’s network of experienced landscapers, you know you are getting the highest quality service. Plus, our experts can help you plan out your landscaping needs throughout the year, so that costs can be more easily managed - and you are able to avoid sudden unforeseen expenses.


Exterior Service: Pest Control

Maybe one of the most often forgotten facilities management services is pest control. Having a pest control plan is absolutely essential for any business.


A single, visible pest can be detrimental to your business reputation and brand, especially in places where food is present like restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores. Protect your profits by making sure that you have an exterior service pest control plan in place as part of your facilities management partnership. Whether your brand is more aligned with industrial pest control or a more natural approach, Vixxo has the experts you need, when – and before – you need them.


Exterior Service: Snow & Leaf Removal

Whether your businesses are somewhere with lots of snow and ice during the winter, or piles of leaves are your biggest problem, customers need safe access to your business.


Make sure that your customers are seeing the best side of your grocery, convenience, retail, or restaurant locations by keeping walkways and parking lots clear, clean and accessible. With an exterior services plan in place with an expert team from Vixxo, you can rest assured that you won’t have to waste valuable time vetting providers to clear your business of seasonal obstructions. A facility management partner will already be standing by to take care of your needs.

Exterior Service: Window Cleaning

Sparkling-clean windows are not just a sign that you are taking care of your building – they give customers a tantalizing look inside your business, opening their eyes to a world of products and services, and delivering those all-important first impressions.


Once inside your doors, windows play a critical role in the atmosphere and ambience of the customer experience. Whether your business is a grocery store that needs lots of natural light to best show off your fresh produce, or a restaurant that wants diners to be able to enjoy fantastic views unobstructed, making sure that your windows are bright and clean at all times is one of the most important regular exterior service and facilities maintenance tasks.


Exterior Service: Roofing

Home designers tout a new roof as one of the best exterior service investments for the overall curb appeal and value of a home – and the same is true for businesses!


While a roof for a retail or convenience store business might be very different from that of a typical home, a clean roof in good repair can make an astonishing difference to the overall appearance of your business. And it is not all just about aesthetics, either. A good, solid roof without holes or missing pieces protects your valuable assets inside. An investment in protecting your roof regularly is an investment in everything else inside your business. Make sure you’re protected by taking advantage of Vixxo’s huge nationwide network of exterior service experts and specialists who will keep your business warm and dry.