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Commercial lighting installation, repair, and management can seem like a simple topic. After all, what is there to think about? Lighting is straightforward, isn’t it? Not so fast. Installing and maintaining quality lighting is one of the most important and overlooked decisions your company can make for your customers. Achieve some of the happiest and most productive workplaces, as well as satisfied and engaged customers just by flipping a switch.

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Happy Customers Stay in Your Store Longer

It is a secret of classroom teachers everywhere: if you want students to focus on the task at hand, turn off the overhead lights and open up the windows.

More than any other variable, the lighting conditions of a shopping environment can have the biggest impact on productivity. Poor lighting (badly chosen light temperature, poorly placed lighting, lighting that is difficult to control, or lighting that has an overly “artificial” feeling) can increase depression, irritability, moodiness, and anxiety. On the other hand, a well-chosen lighting scheme that maximizes and mimics daylight conditions can increase customer focus, confidence, mood and demeanor.

Have you noticed businesses adding string lights, enhanced flood lights, colored lights, or visually stunning light displays? They do that for good reason: customers enjoy the shopping or dining experience more when pleasing, quality lighting is part of their experience.

Study after study shows that in grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, showrooms, convenience stores, and retail spaces, the lighting conditions customers shop in makes a huge difference in not just mood but satisfaction. Lighting is essential not only for customer safety, but for customer satisfaction as well. Happy customers spend more time in your establishment and spend more money on purchases.


Applying Aesthetic Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience

Pauline Brown, former LVMH Chairman, recently coined the term “aesthetic intelligence” to describe how companies engage all five senses in consciously designing the customer experience.


Wherever your company encounters customers, every sensory aspect of that experience should be thoughtfully chosen to provide maximum delight. Even if you are not selling a tangible product, customers pay attention to the visual elements of your space and use it as a strong indicator of how much care you put into the details. We have all had the regrettable experience of sudden late night stops at a poorly-lit convenience store with flickering fluorescent lights overhead. Or maybe you’ve driven past a business with one part of the sign unlit, leaving an unfortunate pun behind. These experiences do not inspire confidence or reliability, do they? Successful companies know that all customers deserve a delightful experience. Additionally, they recognize the importance of small details - like lighting - to achieve this experience and influence buying habits.

If you workspace is a showroom, you might need high-quality ambient light with some strategically-placed spotlights. Or, maybe you’re a grocery store that needs your fresh produce to be highlighted in the most attractive way possible. Maybe you’re a convenience store chain that wants to assure customers that day or night, your space is clean and safe. All of these situations require unique lighting solutions and every fixture and bulb needs to be maintained regularly. 


Make The Switch: Elevate Your Lighting With LEDs

Vixxo helps businesses manage all aspects of their facilities, serving as a trusted and proven provider.


This includes the facility's lighting, whether your business needs support for signage, exterior lighting, interior lighting or a combination of all three. With a focus on cost savings, effective management and connecting businesses with dependable experts in every field, partnering with Vixxo can help make your transition to LED lighting as bright as possible.

You may be concerned that overhauling your lighting scheme is going to be expensive. While there is always some up-front cost of upgrading your workspace, new lighting solutions like LEDs are budget friendly and save you tons of money in the long run, ultimately leading to increased productivity and sales. Vixxo's facility management solutions save money for clients in nearly every part of every store, and their sign and lighting experts are no exception.


The Key to Success: Make A Plan

Maybe the most important thing you can do to ensure a positive customer experience while keeping your budget in check is to have a plan for your lighting installation, repair, and maintenance. Finding a facilities management partner like Vixxo not only ensures that you are always getting the best experts and technicians when you need them, but it will help you with cost management and extending the lifetime of your lighting!