Beverage Equipment


Whether you are a large retailer with beverage vending machines available to customers or employees, or the neighborhood’s favorite convenience store, you need beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. Below, we will take a look at some of the beverage service equipment your business needs to consider in your facility management plan.

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Restaurants and cafes often have the most obvious beverage service equipment needs. After all, their specialty is food and drinks! The equipment used to create and serve beverages can vary greatly from one location to the next.

Depending on your brand, you might need to consider maintenance for self-service beverage dispensers, or you may determine you need an appropriate place to properly store a selection of wines. You may need beverage dispensers in the kitchen, and if your restaurant features a bar as well, you will need to think about under-counter ice makers and maybe even beverage taps. Additionally, cafes and coffee shops typically have unique beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance needs as well. You may need to think about specialty blenders, espresso presses, drip coffee makers, cappuccino machines, and open refrigerated cabinets for pre-bottled products.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to café and restaurant beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance is that having a plan in place is your best bet for making sure you provide your customers with the best experience at all times. Regardless of what specialty equipment your restaurant or café needs, Vixxo has the experts on hand to help you develop a beverage equipment maintenance plan that suits your needs – and protects your pockets!


Beverage Service at Bars

Bars, of course, know how complex beverage service equipment can get! From beverage taps, to ice makers, to soda guns and more, bars have a huge variety of beverage service equipment needs.


Bar beverage service processes and products are often tightly regulated at the state and county level, making it even more critical for bars to have their beverage service equipment in top working order at all times. Having a piece of equipment break down unexpectedly can spell disaster for any business. Between the missed business and effects on brand reputation, failing to have a plan in place for regular beverage service maintenance can be both costly and time consuming, especially when beverage service makes up a large portion of your income.

Make sure you can continue operating at full capacity at all times by talking to a Vixxo professional about your business and budget needs. “A preventative maintenance program is definitely at the top of that list. Not fixing little things or keeping up on recommended maintenance before it causes cascading failures will force you to spend more on the backend - much more than the expenses associated with preventative maintenance.


Beverage Service at Convenience Stores

Ah, yes: The Great American Road Trip. Nothing says Route-66-summer-adventure-Americana like a giant refreshing blue frozen slush-based beverage from a convenience store in a new town!


These fond memories from our collective childhood are only possible when customers know they can stop in for some road trip essentials and that their beverages will be cold and available. Whether you have refrigerated beverages or carry a wide selection of frozen self-serve drinks, having your machines and refrigeration clean and in working order will have your customers returning time and time again. Particularly for regional or national convenience store chains, brand reliability is one of the biggest factors in customers choosing where to stop.

Make sure that your convenience stores have what your customers need when they need it by keeping a close relationship with your facilities manager, and working together to come up with a plan for your beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance.


Beverage Service at Grocery Stores

Though most consumers probably would not think about grocery stores having beverage service equipment, grocery store owners and managers know better. In a grocery store world that is increasingly trending toward one-stop-shops, some grocery stores are even including cafes and coffee shops inside so that customers can enjoy a beverage while they shop!


Even if your brand does not include this type of service, it is likely that your grocery store has other beverage service equipment needs. Do you have any vending machines for customers or employees on site that need regular maintenance and repair? Have your employees asked for one to be installed in the breakroom? Do you include beverage refrigerators at the front of the store near checkouts? What about the refrigerated beverage section of your store? Do you carry beer and wine that need to be kept cold?

Talk to your Vixxo facilities manager today to figure out your business’ unique set of needs. With thousands of specialists and experts in Vixxo’s nationwide network, you know you are always getting the best service tailored to your business and brand.

Beverage Service at Retail Locations

Yes, even retail locations have beverage service equipment needs! Whether it’s simply a single employee vending machine, a coffee maker in the breakroom, or a more complex set of customer-facing beverage service equipment, the chances are that retail businesses need a comprehensive facilities management plan, too.



One often-forgotten beverage service equipment need is refrigerated self-service taps, often used for water or juice, that sometimes sit in waiting areas and lobbies. Make sure you always put your best foot forward by including beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance in your Vixxo facilities management plan, no matter the size or kind of business!

Bottom Line: Keep Your Beverage Equipment Up and Running

No matter what type of business you run – whether cafes or restaurants, or retail or grocery stores, you will need a maintenance plan in place for your equipment. When the beverages stop flowing, so does the revenue associated with your impacted equipment. Make sure you always put your best foot forward by including beverage service equipment installation, repair, and maintenance in your facilities management plan, regardless of your business’ type or size!