HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Hiring a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) expert can be an intimidating process.The licensing requirements for each state are different, there are a seemingly endless variety of specialists to choose from, and making sure you’re getting a good price while not skimping on quality is another headache in itself.
Thankfully, choosing a facilities management partner like Vixxo takes the headaches away. With Vixxo’s national network of professional service providers and experts, you know your investment in HVAC equipment will be well-cared for throughout the life of your business.


HVAC System: Cooling

This one might be the most obvious, but in most places around the world working air conditioning is a must. Not only is it important to keep your employees at a comfortable temperature for working safely, but many businesses – restaurants, retail, and convenience stores in particular – see an increase in traffic during the hot summer months from people just looking for a place to cool down. 


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Once inside, a comfortable interior can encourage patrons to stay a while and make a purchase. Cooling the interior of your business can vary widely depending on your business needs. You may need a zoned cooling HVAC system, especially if you carry certain products that need to be chilled more than others. Alternatively, you may need to maintain an overall temperature in a large space with lots of coming and going, and external doors that open frequently.

Businesses in very dry, desert-like locations may even choose to install swamp coolers to add humidity to the air as they cool it. Whatever your cooling needs, working with an expert from your Vixxo facilities management team will help ensure you find the solution that best suits your business.


HVAC System: Heating

Just as summer months increase the need for maintaining a cool atmosphere for customers, the winter months bring the need for warmth. Keeping your business toasty and comfortable will encourage customers to stay longer and spend more - as long as you do not overheat your space!


While heating equipment varies and is available in many different types of systems, it will need professional HVAC experts for installation, repair, and maintenance. Central heating is common, but may not be the best fit for all business types. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants often install large hanging space heaters to form a barrier against the cold at the entrance, especially if your building features large sliding doors that open often.

Furthermore, many dining establishments have moved to increased outdoor seating as a response to the pandemic, but doing so as the weather gets cooler often requires additional outdoor heating sources like space heaters or heat lamps. Depending on the type of business and your location, you may even choose to install floor heaters to provide comfortable ambient heat that does not concentrate in one location. This HVAC system option is especially popular in retail locations such as design stores, clothing stores, and exercise studios, where patrons are likely to be trying out flooring or walking around without shoes. Put your best foot forward and work with your Vixxo facilities management team to choose a heating installation, repair, and maintenance plan that will keep your customers comfortable and coming back.


HVAC System: Ventilation/Air Quality

Often forgotten in conversations about heating and cooling, the efficiency of your air distribution and ventilation system is just as important. 


There are always limitations to how your ventilation system operates depending on the structure of your building, but speaking with a licensed HVAC system expert specializing in ventilation and ductwork design can help you create a plan for installing, repairing, and maintaining an efficient ventilation system. It's important to remember that unexpected costs related to HVAC equipment can be extremely expensive – not just in repair costs, but in time, energy, and lost revenue. Having your equipment serviced regularly prevents serious malfunctions that take you offline, helps to uncover potential issues ahead of time so you can budget for them, and extends the life of your assets. 

For example, health-oriented businesses may decide to install extra HEPA filters or to have air filters changed more frequently. Your Vixxo facilities management team can help you find the HVAC system installation, repair, and maintenance solutions that works best for your business, and make sure that you – and your customers – are breathing comfortably!


HVAC Systems: Technician Training and Licensing

Each state, county, and municipality has different requirements for the licensing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians. Additionally, some HVAC system experts may specialize in certain areas, only service particular brands, or have additional licensing to do more complex repairs and maintenance.


For example, many heating systems may require oil or gas fuel sources to work, so a licensed HVAC specialist may also hold a plumbing license for this kind of work. Also keep in mind that some HVAC system liquids and gases may require specific certifications or credentials to handle. Knowing what kind of expertise and licensing your HVAC system specialists need to have is critical and can be complex.

An HVAC system and its component parts represent a significant capital expenditure - one that you need to protect by ensuring only qualified personnel perform any work on them. With Vixxo's vetted expert network you can be assured that you’re getting the right specialists you need, every time. Your facilities management team will work with you to take the hassle of finding the right service professionals off your plate. That way, you can focus on doing what you do best - creating the best experience for your customers, no matter the weather.