Warm & Cold Weather

Commercial Landscaping Services


No matter where your business is located, how your business looks on the exterior is essential in setting a customer’s first impression. Even before customers walk through your front door, they are viewing your business through an exterior-based lens, assessing your landscaping, how well your signage is visible from the road, and if they can easily access your building. To keep your customers coming back, choosing the best facilities maintenance provider to serve as an extension of your customer experience is vital.

Here at Vixxo, we consolidate and provide the exceptional exterior services you need to keep your site’s outside appearance appealing and your customers coming back, whether you are in a warm or cold-weather climate. Vixxo partners with the highest quality technicians to bring you the best possible service, so you don't have to stress over your commercial landscaping or snow removal and relocation. 


Warm Weather Commercial Landscaping

Not all grocery, convenience, retail, or restaurant locations need to have lush gardens, but they do need to be well maintained and groomed.


The types of commercial landscapes vary, and each company needs landscaping that fits their brand and welcomes their customers. Simple treatments, such as tall planters by the front door or a few thoughtfully placed garden beds that are well-maintained for each season, can add a welcoming pop of color to your business exterior. These landscaping services don't have to break the bank; they can be budget-friendly, yet still make a lasting impression on your customers' experience. 

Potted trees throughout the parking lot, small planters with locally grown flowers, and trimmed bushes along the property's exterior can go a long way to make your business appear welcoming and trustworthy to customers.

With Vixxo's network of experienced and professional commercial landscaping providers, we guarantee the highest quality service. There is no need to spend endless time scouting out commercial landscaping companies on your own. We will vet them for you and provide skilled experts who can support all of your landscaping needs throughout the year, allowing costs to be more manageable and, by extension, help prevent unforeseen expenses. 

Our multi-site commercial landscaping services include: 

  • Mowing
  • Weed control
  • Mulch
  • Basic exterior upkeep
  • Planting flower beds and trees
  • Multi-site landscaping services 

Cold Weather Commercial Landscaping

If you have a business located somewhere with a great deal of ice and snow in the winter or a piles of leaves in the fall, you need to make sure customers have safe access to your business.


Keeping walkways and parking lots clear, clean, and accessible lets customers see the best side of your grocery, convenience, retail, or restaurant locations. 

Vixxo consolidates and manages commercial snow removal and snow relocation services using a team of experts to execute your tailored plan. Rest assured, you won't have to waste valuable time vetting providers to clear the seasonal obstructions from your business. When partnering with Vixxo, you can trust in a facilities management partner that will be standing by to care for your business's needs. 

Our multi-site cold weather removal services include:

  • Snow removal
  • Snow relocation 
  • Roof clearing for snow, ice, and leaves
  • Leaf removal 

Landscaping Maintenance Plans for Every Season

Have you been searching for “commercial landscaping near me?” Look no further than Vixxo for your maintenance needs.


Setting up a maintenance schedule for commercial landscaping and snow removal is easy with Vixxo. Contact us today, and our expert team will set up a tailored execution  plan for your business. The frequency of maintenance is based on your business location's geography and seasons. No longer worry about last minute or seasonal exterior updates, resulting in high, unexpected costs and negatively impacting customer confidence and loyalty. 

With Vixxo, it doesn't have to be this way. Partnering with us for your exterior services means we will consolidate your needs and provide vetted, expert providers every time, with a planned, manageable budget. Contact us today to start your exterior maintenance plan.


Interested in learning where we can add measurable value to your business? We’d love to talk!