Equipment Installation and Replacement Projects

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience with all types of commercial equipment, whether it be repairs, new equipment upgrades, or installs.

An Installation Partner Who Can Provide Results You Can Trust

Vixxo has partnered with established brands for their installation projects, as well as served as the installation partner to new players bringing their equipment to the market.

When you have an equipment installation or replacement project to complete in your locations, you can rely on Vixxo’s expert service to deliver the best results.



Reduce Operational Burdens, Project Time & Overhead Costs

An installation partner will be able to quickly scale to meet your installation needs across your entire portfolio. You can also minimize, or even eliminate, internal disruptions to your onsite team.

Vixxo stands apart because we build a sustainable solution for our customers' product - with one line of communication for installs, maintenance, and warranties. We also already have an experienced team in place.

Vixxo has the operational ability, project managers and experienced installers ready to go, so your project can quickly move from the planning to the installation phase.

Partner with Vixxo for your next installation project.

When you partner with Vixxo, you get to get to stay focused on what you do best, while relying on a trusted partner for assessment, installation and documentation. 

Why partner with Vixxo for your next project?

  • Managing facilities projects internally across multiple locations can be costly and time-intensive
  • Vixxo has the national reach to coordinate across multi-site commercial portfolios PLUS the local service provider coverage to ensure consistent execution at the individual site level

What we bring to your project:

  • Dedicated team specializing in commercial projects
  • On-time and on budget delivery
  • Resource relief for your team
  • Expansive network of partners across the U.S. and Canada
  • Reporting, real-time updates and documentation

How we produce results

  • We employ a scalable project management and implementation methodology that seamlessly blends people, process, and technology 
  • Our approach is strengthened by our network of internal and external partners

Vixxo Highlights

With Vixxo, you have access to insights from 45 million-plus data points, giving you an informed perspective that can shape your planning efforts. Plus, we help you identify facilities management opportunities within your business where you may have an opportunity to control costs and optimize performance.


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Trust an experienced partner

Experience speaks volumes when it comes to completing your project on time and within your budget.

Since your project more than likely represents a significant investment in either your equipment or your site (or both), you can maximize your ROI by partnering with Vixxo.


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We are where you are

Whether your US & Canadian locations are in highly dense urban areas, along major interstates, or can be found in more remote locations, we work with you to ensure you have a comprehensive project plan when you partner with us. We constantly perform reviews of project KPIs to fine-tune our approach in real-time.

Customer Stores and Case Studies

If there's one thing the team at Vixxo enjoys more than the work we do, it's telling the stories about the work we do.


Interested in learning where we can add measurable value to your next project?

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