Electrical Services

Critical Considerations: Electrical Installation, Repair and Maintenance

It is every business owner’s worst nightmare: time to open and the lights just will not turn on. Electrical systems maintenance, repair, and installation is not an area of facilities management that you can take care of yourself, no matter the size and spread of your operation.
You simply cannot allow your business to suffer from a major power failure, accident, or fire due to poorly maintained or installed electrical equipment. 

With a veritable army of experts, specialists, and technicians on hand, Vixxo’s network of service providers can make sure that no matter the issue, the lights turn on and stay on - making electrical services one less thing you have to worry about.
Below, we will take a look at some of the facilities management areas that electrical services can touch across your business operations.

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Lighting, perhaps the most obvious facilities management area affected by electrical services, is absolutely critical to your business' success.


Lighting design can positively impact the customer experience, but lighting design hardly matters if they won’t turn on in the first place. We have all had the disconcerting experience of sitting underneath a flickering light or pulling up to a business at night only to realize that some of their lights are out. These experiences have an outsized impact on the customer experience and can be costly in terms of reputation and lost business. Lighting is critical in communicating to customers that your business is safe and that they can trust your brand.


Electrical Services: Signage

Closely related to lighting is signage. While not all signage is lit, many exterior signs are, including lightbox signs, halo lighting, neon signage, and more.


All of these need to be connected to working, up-to-code, and well-maintained electrical systems. Having your outdoor illuminated signage experience an interruption in electrical service can cost you big time in terms of business when potential customers have to wonder if your business is open! Ensure this doesn't happen by partnering with a facilities management expert like Vixxo. With seamless project management, auditing services, and a network of vetted service providers, you can rest easy knowing your signage will remain lit and attract new customers.


Electrical Services: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

We all know the critical role that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) play in keeping your customers comfortable and improving the overall customer experience.


Beyond the customer experience alone, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning also play an important role in the safety of your products. For businesses that sell food, keeping the HVAC system running smoothly is critical to keeping your inventory in its best condition. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning go hand-in-hand with electrical services maintenance. You can have the best HVAC system available, but it will not do you much good if it does not have power! Vixxo will work closely with you to make sure your climate control systems are working properly and well-maintained to extend the life of your equipment and keep money in your pocket.


Electrical Services: Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems are some of the most crucial components of any restaurant, café, grocery store, convenience store, or even retail business and require regular maintenance to operate efficiently.


However, they are absolutely critical to think about in terms of regular maintenance, and that includes making sure all the electrical components are in good working order. A refrigerator that loses power can cost thousands of dollars in lost inventory, whether it’s food or flowers. These problems can easily be avoided by including electrical service installation, repair, and maintenance in your facilities management plan. With a nationwide network of expert technicians and specialists, Vixxo has all the professional service providers you need to ensure that your electrical systems are keeping all of your essential equipment working at their best for the longest lifetime possible.

Electrical Services: Food & Beverage Service Equipment

Many of the specialized pieces of equipment that businesses use to keep food and beverages fresh rely on the overall electrical systems of the facility to stay in good working order. 


From coffee makers, to refrigerated cases, to blenders, to icemakers, stoves, grills, ovens and even margarita machines, chances are they will all need electrical services at some point. The best thing you can do to make sure that your food and beverages aren’t spoiled by a sudden electrical issue is to have your electrical systems installed, repaired and maintained by expert professionals.

Talk to your Vixxo facilities manager about the options that are available. Your facilities manager will show you what is out there and work with you to find the electrical services management plan that best suits your business needs and budget, while protecting you from unexpected repair costs down the road. And best of all, our easy-to-use job management system means no more worrying about whether the job has been completed or not. You will have full visibility into each work order right from our app!