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Installing, Repairing and Maintaining
Food Service Equipment

Food retailers and restauranteurs know the truth: customers care about quality. In fact, recent surveys by Vixxo reveal that guests overwhelmingly prefer in-person dining and shopping experiences to buying groceries or ordering food online.
Being able to physically see a space with their own eyes contributes significantly to a customers’ understanding of the quality of an establishment, which impacts their likelihood of returning.
In any discussion of quality, considering the maintenance of your food service equipment is essential, especially when looking through the eyes of a customer, particularly in food service and dining. Customers and patrons want to know that the grocery store or restaurant they’re getting their food from is clean, working well, and up to the highest standards of quality.
Partnering with a high-quality facilities management company can help you make sure that your food service equipment is in the best shape, all the time.  There are five things about installing, repairing and maintaining your food service equipment that you need to keep in mind to ensure you keep your customers coming back time and time again. 

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Planning Is Essential

Food service equipment requires a well-crafted plan for maintenance. Do you have a plan for repairs when things go wrong? Does your plan for your food service equipment include considerations for the life cycle of the equipment?

Coffee Shops Use a Variety of Food Service Equipment | Vixxo

Although some of these things can seem less urgent, it’s important to have a plan in place so that your business can respond to a changing world and ensure the highest quality throughout the lifetime of your business. With a comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance plan for your food service equipment, your business will not just grow but thrive in the face of evolving consumer demands and a highly competitive industry.

While regular cleaning may seem obvious, fewer food service businesses think beforehand about their plan for responding to repair and replacement needs. With a facilities management partner like Vixxo, you do not need to worry – you know that you have someone in your corner and available whenever food service equipment needs maintenance.


Consistency Is Key

The key to ensuring the highest quality environment for customers is being consistent and proactive about servicing your food service equipment. 

A Bakery Showing Food Service Equipment | Vixxo

Regular maintenance of your grills, fryers, slicers, and ovens will keep your assets up and running for the maximum time and lifespan. In the end, this means that your customers can get their favorite menu items when they want them, ensuring positive experiences for everyone involved. 

Studies show that consistency has a huge impact on whether customers continue returning to a business, and the cleanliness and reliability of your food service equipment plays a major role in customer confidence. Whether they’re out for a date night at a restaurant or trying to pick up a quick meal on the way home for their family, customers will return time and again to the places that consistently offer the highest quality experience every time.


Proper Food Service Equipment Maintenance Results in Long Term Savings

Some food service professionals wonder whether partnering with regular facilities management is really the most cost-effective way to plan your business.

Kitchen Food Service Equipment Maintained by Vixxo

It's important to remember that unexpected costs in food service equipment can be extremely expensive – not just in repair costs, but in time, energy, and lost revenue. When your business strategy is founded on consistent experiences for your customers, you also need to deliver consistent maintenance and repair for your food service equipment. Having your equipment serviced regularly prevents serious malfunctions that take you offline, helps to uncover potential issues ahead of time so you can budget for them, and extends the life of your assets. 

Instead of only responding to issues when they become exacerbated, preventative maintenance saves you money and headaches. Most importantly, regular maintenance means that your facilities management providers are familiar with your equipment and can deliver technicians that are experts in their field. Incorrect and unnecessary repairs can be costly, but having service providers that are familiar with your business and food service equipment ensures that you receive quality service the first time.


Rely on Expert Technicians Skilled in a Wide Variety Food Service Equipment 

Grills, fryers, ovens, deli slicers, and more – the variety of food service equipment options is endless!

Baker pouring flour into large mixer in a commercial kitchen

Odds are that your grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant has multiple facilities management needs related to installation, maintenance and repair of food service equipment. With a full-service partner like Vixxo, this does not need to be a source of consternation, constantly struggling to find professionals to service each unique piece of equipment.

With a network of vetted technicians ready to make sure you’re up and running smoothly, a food service equipment maintenance professional is just a few clicks away. Plus, with automated work order tracking and auditing, you know that you’re getting the best service on each repair visit at the right price - every time.

Your Food Service Equipment Needs A Partner: Vixxo

The most important thing to remember in food service equipment installation, maintenance, and repair is to find a facilities management partner that can help you stay up and running at maximum efficiency.


When you do, you can continue delivering consistent quality experiences for your customers throughout the lifetime of your business. The biggest headaches in the foodservice industry of maintaining and serving the food service equipment you and your customers depend on can be a breeze when you partner with a facilities management team that brings the best service professionals to you, and lets you plan for and manage the whole process seamlessly.

Food service businesses don’t run as one-man shows; you need a team you can rely on, and supporters in your corner to keep your business running seamlessly. Vixxo will take food service equipment maintenance off your plate and out of your worries, so that you can keep doing what you love - providing amazing experiences for your customers.