Facility Management Services

Save money and reduce your operational burdens with Vixxo.

If you have a multi-site property portfolio and currently have your facility maintenance program in-house, ask yourself one simple question: Are you spending your time and money wisely?

The Benefits of a Dedicated
Facility Maintenance Partner

By partnering with Vixxo for your facility and equipment maintenance needs, you can dedicate more time and resources to staying ahead of your competition.

The right end-to-end facility management partner will reduce your operational burdens by leveraging its extensive network of local service providers to schedule maintenance tasks in a timely, efficient manner.

And only Vixxo can provide you with the data and reports you need to benchmark your maintenance program and identify opportunities for process improvements.



Tap Into A Network Of Vetted Service Providers

Vixxo is much more than a traditional "facility maintenance vendor". With Vixxo, you have a partner who provides end-to-end service through our network of more than 150,000 service technicians. Our network specializes in every trade imaginable, with specific equipment expertise in grocery, restaurant, convenience store, and retail facilities.

Unlike most facility management companies, Vixxo centralizes dispatch and payments to service providers so you’ll never wait too long or pay too much.


Increase Facility Asset Uptime

If you are solely focused on reactive repairs, it is extremely likely you are losing time both time and money when equipment fails. You need a facility maintenance partner you can trust to keep things running smooth - and without disruptions to your operations.

Vixxo can develop a scheduled preventative maintenance program to decrease equipment downtime and minimize reactive repairs. This holistic approach to facilities maintenance lets you track the performance of your assets over time.


Monitor Asset Performance

Without insight into your assets over time, facility managers find themselves with a lack of historical data to make critical repair vs. replace decisions.

When Vixxo's technicians are servicing your equipment on either a preventative maintenance or reactive repair call, they are collecting data - and collecting it consistently so it's reportable and ready to be analyzed. This includes the asset information, the actions they took, and all parts associated with a Service Request.

Unlike most facility maintenance partners, Vixxo analyzes your asset data constantly. We then help you uncover the root cause and take action to prevent future issues before they arise.


End the tug of war between time, quality and cost with a trusted facility management partner.


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