Equipment Installation for Manufacturers

When the equipment you manufacture requires skilled, professional, and licensed installation across a broad geographic area, you need a dedicated installation partner.


A highly qualified outsourced installation partner can help lower costs and drive faster, more efficient installs - giving you the scale you need to align with your growth initiatives and clients' expectations.


Why Outsource the Installation of Your Commercial Equipment?

Manufacturers often struggle with the operational challenges of a large portfolio rollout. When efficiency, costs, and customers are on the line, companies can benefit from using an outsourced installation partner to manage those complexities – and, in most cases, deliver a more efficient and streamlined installation process.


Have a large installation project on the horizon?

Whether you have an installation project on your radar or need a partner in place to help you quickly respond when a new opportunity emerges, we can help!

The Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Equipment Installation

The benefits of partnering with an experienced outsourced installation partner like Vixxo can be substantial and game-changing for your organization.

We've listed some of these key benefits below. Click on each to get a better understanding as to how you can leverage our expertise and reach to make your installations successful:

Creating Revenue Opportunities
with an Outsourced Installation Partner


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Proven Expertise in Equipment Installation Project Planning and Execution

In 2020 alone, Vixxo completed new equipment installation and equipment upgrade projects across more than 10,000 customer locations.

While the equipment and customers were different, each project has one thing in common:

It all starts with a plan.


Any local service provider can provide the pure labor to install a singular piece of equipment to a one-off client location. You can try to manage a larger scale equipment rollout in a similar way and try to find a local installer for each customer site, but the operational overhead will soon overwhelm your teams, costs will become out of control, and the quality of the installations will suffer.

For your larger install projects, the right outsourced installation partner adds value by creating - and then executing - a coordinated plan that ensures the installations will be consistent from location to location, the technicians are certified and trained on proper installation protocols, and that costs are contained and the project timeline met.

Vixxo's Commercial Equipment Installation Capabilities

Vixxo has proven experience managing complex multi-site installation projects for our customers. These projects can include:

  • Commercial Food and Beverage Equipment Installation
  • Fuel Equipment Installation
  • Commercial HVAC Equipment
  • Sign and Lighting Installation
  • Custom Commercial Equipment Installation
  • General Commercial Equipment Replacement/Upgrade Projects



Tap Directly Into Vixxo's Network Of Vetted Service Providers

Vixxo is much more than a traditional facility maintenance vendor. With Vixxo, you receive end-to-end service through our network of more than 150,000 service technicians. Our network specializes in every trade imaginable, with specific expertise in the equipment found in grocery, restaurant, convenience store, and retail facilities.


End the operational challenges of a large equipment portfolio rollout.


Whether you have an installation project on your radar or just want a partner in place to help you respond quickly when a new opportunity emerges, we should talk.


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