Commercial Pest Control Services


Commercial pest control is an essential service to help retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocers succeed. Whether it’s an insect, rodent, reptile, or mammal, all it takes is one unwelcome and unsanitary intruder to compromise product quality and consumer trust.

Whether you want to bring the fight to pests in advance, or already find yourself on the defensive, Vixxo has the experts you need for enterprise pest control at one or many locations.  


Preventative Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest management needs are different for every company.


Restaurants and convenience stores need solutions that won’t compromise the quality and safety of food or the environment. Large distribution centers have a lot of facility space to monitor and secure against pests. And retailers face their own unique challenges based on their location, inventory, and even the pest control plans of their neighbors.

Long-term, proactive pest management strategies require a custom solution tailored to the client’s unique needs, circumstances, and expectations. With a preventative commercial pest control plan in place through a partnership with Vixxo, you can stop worrying about the day a pest might show up and proceed with confidence they aren’t hiding just out of sight.  


Responsive Commercial Pest Management

Wondering how to get rid of rats, roaches, ants, raccoons, or any other kind of pest that is becoming a nuisance to your business locations?


The answer is a discreet and rapid response by a seasoned expert who knows how to address the existing problem and prevent it from happening again.

Vixxo’s network of pest control experts knows how to work inside and outside your building to evict pests and keep them out for good. We offer both chemical and natural pest control solutions and can take additional steps to block pests from entering your properties on multiple fronts, like closing up holes or adding door sweeps.


Nationwide, Multi-Site Pest Control Solutions for Your Business

The challenges of enterprise pest control only get more complex when managing multiple locations, as is the case with restaurant or convenience store chains.


Each site has its own unique requirements for an effective pest control strategy, while the parent company is looking for pest control prices that reflect some degree of savings based on the need for a higher volume of services.

Vixxo’s nationwide team of pest control experts come to each of your sites with the experience-based insights necessary to address the location’s unique pest control needs. From strip malls to free-standing locations, urban environments to rural, we elevate each location to the same high standards of pest control and help your brand preserve its reputation regionally or nationwide. The best part? You don’t have to manage a thing. Just call on us.


Partner With Vixxo for Enterprise Pest Control

Vixxo is a facilities management partner that treats your business like our business. Our commercial pest control services keep your business running smoothly, whether we’re helping you prevent or eliminate pests on-site.


Our network includes the highest-quality commercial pest control professionals nationwide, supported by our team of data analysts and trade experts whose job is to help your business control your facilities maintenance spend, including your pest control needs.

When a pest control issue emerges, it’s something the business owner and manager want to address quickly, effectively, and with discretion. In that scenario, trusting the top result for "best commercial pest control near me" means calling on Vixxo. We’ll take pest control and prevention off your mind and give you ultimate confidence in the incredible experience you provide to your customers. 


Interested in learning where we can add measurable value to your business? We’d love to talk!