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Four Signs Your Refrigeration Systems Are Ready For An Upgrade

For restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, convenience stores and yes, even retail locations, proper refrigeration systems can be one of your biggest, most vital and longest-lasting investments. Keeping food from spoiling, flowers looking fresh, and beverages at their most enticing is an important part of any business that carries perishable products.

Whether you are a food service business or not, chances are that you have to keep consumables of some kind appropriately refrigerated, even if it is just in the employee break room. As you plan for refrigeration systems maintenance, look out for these four signs that your refrigeration systems are in need of repair, service or even replacement.

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Food, Beverages And Other Perishables Do Not Make Their Expiration Dates

One way to tell that your refrigeration systems may need attention or maintenance is if perishable products seem to be spoiling before their expiration dates.


This does not necessarily mean that you need a total system overhaul. You should always check your temperature settings first. But if your temperature settings look to be in the right place, you may want to contact your facilities management partner about having an expert technician examine your refrigeration systems. They will check the seals, casings, ventilation and electrical components, and temperature control systems to ensure everything is in order.

In fact, a good facilities management partner like Vixxo will be able to coordinate multiple professionals to address all areas that affect refrigeration. These may include refrigeration technicians, electricians, plumbers, and potentially even HVAC professionals depending on what kind of refrigeration system you have installed. Vixxo’s extensive network of vetted experts ensures that you have a one-stop-shop for all your facilities management needs, without having to sacrifice quality of service, time or cost.


You Notice Condensation In The Refrigerator Or Excessive Ice In The Freezer

Though some level of humidity in the air is always going to be present, excessive condensation can occur when warm air is entering your refrigerator when it should not be otherwise.


Warm, moist air from outside the refrigerator can get inside through faulty ventilation or poorly-sealed openings. When this warm air hits the cooled sides of the refrigerator, your refrigerator system typically deals with it through its defrosting system. The defrosting system forces warm air through a cooling system, and removes the excess moisture so that it does not condensate on the sides and surfaces of the refrigerator. However, too much warm air entering the enclosure or a faulty defrosting system can lead to ‘sweating,’ or droplets of water collecting on hard surfaces and the outside of packaging. If this issue is occurring in your freezer, the droplets will often freeze into a thin layer of ice on packages or internal components of the freezer. If left unaddressed, the excess air entering your refrigerator can even cause freezer burn.

In any form, this water condensation is an indicator that something is not right with your refrigeration system and should not be ignored! The best way to avoid condensation or ice formation in your refrigeration system is to make sure your refrigerators and freezers are regularly maintained and repaired by licensed professionals. Work with your facilities maintenance partner to come up with a preventative maintenance plan for your refrigeration systems.


Is Your Refrigerator Running?

The thing is, if you can clearly hear your refrigeration system motor exerting itself, the chances are that something is amiss, and the mechanical or electrical components of your refrigeration system need attention.


Typically, refrigerators are designed to run smoothly and quietly, so as to positively contribute to your customer experience without causing a disruption. If your customers begin to complain that they can not hear inside your store or that conversations in your restaurant and café are becoming difficult, your first call should be to your Vixxo facilities management team.

Like cars, refrigerators need regular, expert repair and maintenance to make it smoothly through their expected lifespan. Also like cars, loud or unusual sounds are a good indicator that something is wrong. Your facilities manager will be able to schedule expert service professionals to repair the faulty motor and help you make a plan for regular maintenance in the future so that you can avoid costly unexpected breakdowns.


Your Refrigeration System Has Reached The End Of Its Life Span

Refrigeration systems generally come with an expected lifetime range.


Estimates vary, but generally speaking, standard consumer refrigerators can run anywhere from 10 to 18 years, properly maintained; and commercial refrigeration systems generally last 10 years, depending on wear & tear. With expert installation and proper maintenance, some high-end commercial refrigerators can last up to 15 or 20 years. If you know that your refrigeration system is approaching the end of its expected lifecycle, now is the time to begin planning for replacement.

Once you have evaluated your business’ changing needs, researched the available options on the market, and have a good idea of when you want to make the switch, reach out to your Vixxo facilities management team. Vixxo will be able to partner with you to create an installation, repair, and maintenance plan for your new refrigeration system so that it receives expert attention from the very beginning. With certified experts and technicians available across North America, you can be certain that your new investment will get the best maintenance there is, and that it will last as long as possible.