Service Provider Spotlight

Abilene, TX (Primary), San Angelo, TX (Secondary), USA

Big Country Restaurant and Refrigeration, Inc.

For over 35 years, Big Country Restaurant & Refrigeration Service, Inc. has served as a key service provider partner to the west-central Texas restaurant and business community. Founders and owners David and Kay Cramer have a mission-driven approach to service, valuing the end-customer experience on the same level as the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of the work.

The Cramer’s ensure their team of technicians receive constant and ongoing training on the technical aspects of the work, as well as reflect an ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction (which is not always easy when technicians are serving clientele spread across remote areas of Texas – sometimes up to six hours, one way). “When it comes to serving our customers, we do whatever it takes,” says Kay Cramer. “For everyone on the team, it’s not just about completing a service call on time. Given our unique location in Texas, we often have to go the actual ‘extra mile’ to reach our customers to take care of their needs.”

When anyone on the team at Big Country engages with a customer, they emphasize courteousness and empathy – taking the approach that the customer has a problem they need solved and that they have the honor of being able to support them. From the initial call to report a need for service, all the way through ensuring satisfaction with the work completed, the Big Country team emphasizes professionalism.