Service Provider Spotlight

Lubbock, TX, USA

Day Break Coffee Roasters


Founded in 1991, Day Break Coffee Roasters is one of a handful of service providers that can boast of fueling countless people’s mornings. Daybreak has carved a successful niche as a full-service office coffee provider and support large-scale coffee operations across Texas and eastern New Mexico.


The smell of roasted coffee greets guests at the offices of Day Break Coffee Roasters in Lubbock, Texas, however, don’t expect barista’s on hand to brew or blend up your favorite coffee concoction. In addition to servicing coffee machinery and selling allied products, Daybreak is a full-fledged coffee roasting operation, shipping their freshly roasted coffee beans to customers across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

“We are unique in that we understand coffee end-to-end,” says Daybreak founder Scott Gloyna. “I and several on the team have been on the bar end of coffee service and can often work backwards from comments on how the coffee tastes to deduce the root cause behind what our customers are brewing, then get it fixed, whether it’s a machine issue or related to their beans. On the roasting side of things, I am constantly refining our processes and travel to coffee plantations in South America to observe and directly sample the products we use – the quality and flavor of the beans we select to roast is critically important to us.”