Leverage Vixxo's Cross-Industry Expertise

Business as usual is simply not what it used to be. Being able to navigate new safety regulations and customer expectations brought about by COVID-19 is key to the success of any company.


Restaurant: Reopen Readiness

Taking visible action to ensure that your restaurant meets guests' new expectations - and letting them know actions have been taken - will build confidence to not only bring guests in, but keep them coming back as well.

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Restaurant Reopening Guide

Retail: Reopen Readiness

Ensuring essential equipment, access points, lighting, and mission-critical items are in proper working order will ensure a strong and sustained reopening.

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Retail Reopening Guide

Grocery: Adapting to the New Normal

While navigating new government regulations and delivering on customer expectations, having a partner like Vixxo will help ensure zero equipment downtime and guarantee clean & contactless facilities. Our record of real-time innovation in integrated facilities management with rapid response service teams will allow you to meet and exceed your promises.

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COVID-19 Best Practices for Business

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HVAC Best Practices During a Pandemic

3 steps businesses can take to “clear the air” for employee and customer protection.

Instilling Security in a Time of Angst

5 ways to make food retail safer for customers and employees alike.

Crisis in Confidence

We have identified a number of best practices to keep facilities clean and sanitized, despite limited staff and resources.