A-Plus Service Providers


Imagine having a network of A-plus service providers ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

With Vixxo, you can.

Your hand-picked team of service providers can quickly offer the precise services you need most.

We understand that facilities-related needs vary from business to business. From capital projects to your most complex repairs, Vixxo delivers precisely what you need.

Increased Visibility

Our service providers proactively approach each service call and capture relevant data to help you better manage your portfolio. We’ll work together to identify cost improvements and improve equipment uptime across all your locations


Partner With a Team That Shares Your Work Ethic

Finding quality service providers that share our high performance standards is crucial. Before we partner with someone new, we make sure they’re a good match. We check city records, trade associations and service reviews. In the end, you know the service providers assigned to your business will exceed your expectations.

Fair Market Standards

When you hire a service provider, you shouldn’t have to worry about inflated costs. We monitor millions of service calls each year and benchmark the going rates across various industries. Our network of 150,000 service provider technicians is also continually monitored. Bottom line? You’ll know the invoices you receive are fair.

Rely On a Trusted Team

When it comes to service providers, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Our team will identify local service providers with the technical expertise to serve each of your locations.

Service Provider Coverage

Vixxo's locally-based service provider network spans the United States and Canada.

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