Get Your Fix: How Data Analysis Can Help Reduce Facility Spend 

Nov 18, 2020 2:13:21 PM | 2 minute read


With the pandemic still in full effect, facilities are looking for every opportunity to reduce spend and be smarter about operational costs. That’s where Nate Breier comes in, VP of Client Insights at Vixxo. On this episode of “Get Your Fix,” Breier explains how data collection works in relation to facility maintenance. With some simple proactive data, Breier explains how companies can reduce costs and drive business decisions that will benefit the bottom line.

Visibility, insight, and action: this 3-step chain of events is at the core of data collection and analysis, and is what Vixxo delivers with precision and accuracy. Beginning with visibility, Vixxo hones in on a facilities problem, such as high refrigeration costs. Then, Vixxo collects refrigeration data using sensors, QR codes, and other methods that deliver consistent, standardized data. Finally, the data is analyzed and actions are determined to reduce costs. In a scientific three-step process, data collection extracts unnecessary spending and drives positive, cost-effective change.

For most businesses today, every dollar matters, and being preventative is key to reducing downtime and money loss. With Vixxo data analysis, the data helps control spend before costs, repairs, and costly maintenance get out of control.