Find out why local technicians choose to work with Vixxo

You too can provide asset management services to the world’s leading brands

Get more work

Our clients trust us with their facility maintenance needs across multiple locations and industry trades, giving you access to a constant stream of work.

Get paid on time

Vixxo's streamlined and organized work management system allows us to see work performed in realtime and to make sure you get paid promptly.

Gain access to larger clients

Our client list includes many household names, giving you the opportunity to work with successful businesses across North America.

Grow your business

Mobility tools help you manage service requests, scheduled maintenance and project consistency. Vixxo's processes also ensure that our Service Providers' business is stable and successful.

What does it take to be a High Performance Service Provider?

Vixxo is looking for local, connected and committed service providers across a variety of trades who can deliver the kind of outstanding support our clients have come to expect.

50-60 mile coverage areas

Average of 10 trucks

Dedicated to clients and community

Connected to our mobile technology

Certified and verified

Performance management and quality assurance

“It’s hard to believe so many years have gone by since we first started working with Vixxo – not to mention how far we have all come together. It’s rare anymore to find companies that want to develop strong, long-term growth relationships and really want their partners to grow. We appreciate that Vixxo always has our back!”

—Cynthia Hinnant, CFO, Solid Commercial Solutions LLC

“Vixxo’s mobile website has information on open service calls, completed service calls and quotes awaiting approval. More importantly, the financial portion of the site includes information on when you will be paid and the amount for the next 7 weeks. This is critical to all service companies in planning our payroll and cash flow. No other company – I can testify – has this and it’s truly great."

—Serve S HVAC

It's easy to work with Vixxo

Around-the-clock support

Our Service Centers are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide technical support for Service Providers in our network. You’re never alone, and help is just a call or click away.

Back-office solutions

We simplify your back-office processes, documentation and invoicing. We support your day-to-day operations and provide data to help make strategic management decisions.

Mobile tools

Our mobile interface allows technicians to easily check in, check out, provide status updates and manage job details right from their mobile devices, enabling visibility into job status and technician-level performance metrics.

Training & education

We offer proactive training and educational resources to our Service Providers, enabling their technicians to stay up-to-date on equipment, technologies, and back-office processes.

Mobile makes it easy

Our web and mobile platforms allow our Service Providers to streamline and manage service requests, providing a dashboard interface with visibility into past, current and upcoming service requests.

Interested in working with Vixxo? Let’s talk.