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No matter the location or the scope of work, Vixxo’s network of highly experienced service providers work within their communities to deliver so our customers can serve theirs. Meet a few of Vixxo’s service provider partners and learn about their unique perspective on the work they do.

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Vixxo allows my company the opportunity to provide service to numerous customers and the chance to expand to other States. Vixxo is by our side from start to finish, from the top of their corporate chain to the folks at the call center and all in between. High volume, high morals, can’t ask for much more.
Dave Lacerda
Director of Operations, Facility Maintenance Specialist
There is never hesitation from Vixxo to answer any questions or to provide the essential information to successfully complete work for our Client.
Steven Downey
Owner, Qualified Maintenance & Construction
Our volume of work has increased, and the Vixxo portal allows us to research site history and view information whenever we need.
Marlana Nicolitz
Finance Manager, Guardian Fueling Technologies

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