Facilities and Equipment Management for the Educated Grocer

With facilities in multiple cities, states and provinces, grocers need a way to assess and manage a complex web of store assets.

Vixxo Can Help.



Partner With High-Quality, Specialty Service Providers

Grocery store equipment is evolving. Consumer trends and convenient new features are shaping the grocery industry. Our service providers have the skills and know-how to address the most complex machines.


Forecast Equipment Costs More Accurately

Basing your maintenance budget on store averages doesn’t work when equipment is different at each store. We can help you track maintenance and service costs at an asset level, allowing for precise forecasts and capital planning.


Leverage Assets

Vixxo’s cloud-based platform and mobile technology help you manage multiple assets at different locations, giving you national, regional and even store-level views so you can track activity at a granular level.


Track and Audit Work Orders Automatically

Manually reviewing invoices and logging work orders is cumbersome, and there’s always room for human error. Vixxo’s end-to-end facilities management platform paves the way for centralized billing, technology audits and price matching against industry benchmarks


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