There’s a secret to creating a stellar shopping experience at your brick-and-mortar stores.

Vixxo helps you deliver a five-star shopping experience

that’s far more entertaining than clicking “Add to Cart.” Draw customers into your beautiful stores with the tools and resources you need to create exceptionally-maintained facilities and a truly enjoyable atmosphere. You might even say it's like having an inside edge.

Let Vixxo help you create a memorable in-store experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Work With a Robust Network of Service Providers

Our network of hand-selected service providers offers comprehensive support, including the technical expertise needed to solve issues big and small.

Manage Assets Across Multiple Locations

Keep tabs on hundreds of stores in multiple cities, states and provinces with Vixxo’s comprehensive software. Even better? You'll have instant access via your computer or mobile device.

Control Spend and Reduce Operational Burdens

Vixxo will help you identify ways to better manage your existing operations with our end-to-end facilities management program. You’ll also receive a dedicated account team who has your strategic vision and growth objectives in mind.

Expand Your Capacity To Focus On Customers

When you partner with Vixxo, your facilities are in great hands. This gives you the ability to pour your efforts into creating a meaningful and memorable customer experience.

Integrated Facilities Management

With Vixxo’s end-to-end approach to facilities management, you’ll be able to simplify your process from service to invoice. Plus, we’ll have the ability to manage your assets proactively, thanks to our inside industry insights. (You might even say it’s like having a crystal ball.) With Vixxo at your side, you’ll have plenty of time to create that magical customer experience.


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