Service Provider Spotlight

New Jersey, USA

City Maintenance & Service Company


City Maintenance & Service Company has been an institution in the northern New Jersey area since 2001, specializing in commercial retail maintenance and services.

They operate by a simple, but powerful code: focus on doing great work and the rest of the business falls into place.


Their dedication to exceeding their customers’ expectations is one of the many reasons their new clients primarily come to them based on the positive word of mouth generated from the great work they do. When a service provider doesn’t need to advertise to grow and stay healthy, you know they have built something special and unique.

“It’s an interesting backstory,” according to Greg Leuzzi, founder and master plumber at City Maintenance. “My father was in the industry for many years – and he had worked with Vixxo through its many evolutions and integrations since the 1970s. In 2001, I launched City Maintenance & Service Company, focused almost exclusively on retailers. While our main lines of service are plumbing, we expanded our support to include general maintenance services as our customers’ needs shifted. It is because of our flexibility to respond to their needs that keeps our customers coming back - and constantly referring business to us.”

Given most of their customers are in the retail space, volumes and hours have slowed, but have not fully stopped over the past few months. Being a trusted partner to their customer has been key to working through COVID-19 and related challenges. Their customers know that City Maintenance is here for them now and will be there for them regardless of what the future holds.