Service Provider Spotlight

Mississauga, ON, Canada, serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

Springbank Mechanical Systems Ltd.


Founded in 1990, Springbank began with a singular vision of excellence and a set of principles that guide every aspect of the business. The team attributes their growth and success directly to staying true to these principles. One of Springbank’s points of pride is their responsiveness – they are dedicated to answering customer questions within just one hour.


Paul DeThomasis, Vice President at Springbank, started as an apprentice with the company over 20 years ago. He takes the company’s principles personally and sees them a key differentiator. “My goal has always been to offer our customers products, services, and solutions that have long-term benefits. Sharing common values and understanding our customers’ needs has built strong relations. This is what sets us apart and makes us unique.”

In addition to their customer-facing values, Springbank has clear principles around the safety of their field technician. Beyond keeping tools up to date, inspected, and maintained, there is an acute focus on aligning the most qualified technician to every service call and ensuring safety protocols stay top of mind. Springbank routinely is ahead of association or licensing board mandates in rolling out new safety processes to ensure the team is protected and maintains the latest information regarding safety protocols.