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Vixxo Expands Focus to Commercial Equipment Manufacturer Partnerships and Installation Projects

Aug 5, 2021 12:41:43 PM

Vixxo adds installation and maintenance services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and large enterprises rolling out new equipment to their customer sites.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ  – Vixxo, a leading facility management provider, launched a dedicated solution focused on the installation and maintenance of commercial equipment and key infrastructure. The service was created as a solution for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and large enterprises rolling out equipment to their portfolio of locations.

Crafted as an offshoot from their core facility and equipment maintenance service offerings, the focus on project-based large-scale equipment installation and the ongoing maintenance provides a clear path for OEMs and large enterprises to quickly complete installation projects, and by leveraging Vixxo’s network of Service Providers, make a smooth transition from installation to ongoing maintenance of the equipment. The installation projects team is led by Ryan Baumgartner, Vice President, Projects & Partner Development for Vixxo.

“For years, our grocery, convenience, retail, and restaurant customers have turned to us for their facility projects. We have completed many large-scale equipment projects across North America across thousands of locations for several very well-known brands,” said Baumgartner.

“Large scale equipment projects require focused planning, preparation, and above all, execution. These are items Vixxo excels at. The business case for partnering with a company like Vixxo is compelling – we give OEMs the ability to realize revenue from their equipment sales sooner and with lower overhead, and on the equipment buyer/owner side, meticulously managed installations to deploy their equipment and comprehensive maintenance services to ensure they are protecting their investment.”

“Equipment installation projects are a natural extension of our core capabilities,” commented Vixxo CEO Jim Reavey. “Vixxo has the Service Provider network, technician expertise, and proven project management capabilities to complete comprehensive installation projects quickly, correctly, and on budget. Ryan and his team work very closely with our customers to ensure the design and the details of the project plan fits their needs.”

Recent projects have included equipment installation and maintenance for a rapidly growing frozen beverage brand, signage installations for the brick-and-mortar locations for a nation-wide insurance company, and an equipment upgrade program for the world’s largest coffee chain. In 2020, Vixxo’s customers also leveraged their expertise to roll out consistent and cost-effective site upgrades and reconfigurations made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For additional information about Vixxo’s installation project services, please contact Ryan Baumgartner, Vice President, Projects & Partner Development.

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