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Vixxo Serves Up Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Solutions at RFMA 2019

Feb 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Building on its full-service facilities management expertise, Vixxo will showcase the elements of a successful preventative maintenance program for nationally franchised restaurants during RFMA 2019, a premier event for the industry. In booth 947, attendees can experience how Vixxo’s preventative maintenance approach leads to proven results including increased restaurant service levels and improved customer experiences.

Vixxo oversees the preventative maintenance for clients across the restaurant industry, including a large coffee chain with locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. While Vixxo focuses on the assets, ensuring that the sophisticated equipment operates at full capacity, employees can focus solely on making great coffee. Since working with Vixxo, the company has reduced their facilities spend and seen a 20 percent increase in service levels.

“Equipment downtime in the restaurant industry can mean the difference between a party of five and a party of none,” said Warren Weller, Chief Client Officer, Vixxo. “As restaurant owners weigh the investment versus return of preventative maintenance, it’s important to consider the potential business outcomes. These include increased cost savings, reduced operational burdens, and positive customer experiences – all of which help drive loyalty in this competitive market.”

Vixxo outlines three key benefits of preventative maintenance:

Potential savings – money and time. 

While savings for each business will vary depending on the age and use of equipment, regular preventative maintenance helps avoid unexpected problems, costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. Preventative maintenance also enables restaurant owners to make better decisions about whether to repair or replace equipment, and therefore, avoid issues before they arise.

Less operational burdens.

Multiple site visits and service appointments, as well as employees who try to solve facility issues on their own, all lead to unnecessary operational burdens, business disruptions and equipment downtime. When an issue arises, a reliable, access to a vetted and skilled service provider network can ensure the work gets done right the first time. The right facilities management partner will leverage their network to manage and maintain equipment across the entire portfolio, allowing employees to focus on creating stellar experiences while ensuring desired business and financial outcomes.

Improved customer experience.

A fix-as-you-go approach can result in one obvious issue: equipment downtime. Over time, these unexpected failures can have a negative impact on your customers and brand. With a preventative maintenance approach, restaurants can better ensure their facility is running at its optimum capacity, enabling a worry-free brand experience for diners and creating brand loyalty.

Backed by nearly 40 years of facilities management success, Vixxo’s trusted associates, innovative solutions and proven results are the choice of clients ranging from midsize to Fortune 500 companies. With specialized expertise in the convenience, grocery, restaurant and retail industries, Vixxo successfully manages more than 1.1 million pieces of revenue-generating equipment across more than 65,000 locations. Vixxo provides preventative maintenance expertise for restaurants including Razzoo’s, Hat Creek Burger Company, and more.

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