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Dining Out Still More Popular Then Takeout, Home Delivery, New Survey Says

Jan 29, 2020 10:00:00 AM

There is a big push in the restaurant world for more takeout and delivery options, but a new survey found two in three Americans still prefer making the trek to a restaurant, sitting down and eating a meal.

The survey, conducted by Scottsdale-based facilities management company Vixxo, found 62% of diners prefer eating at a restaurant, while 34% prefer takeout or delivery. The findings were consistent across all demographic groups, which Vixxo says shows people still prefer the experience of going out.

Some other numbers that stood out from the study include:

  • The main factor that determines whether consumer pick a certain restaurant is the quality of food.
  • 39% of consumers said the most important reason to choose a restaurant was the consistency of quality.
  • 51% choose their favorite restaurant based on menu items.
  • 38% choose their favorite based off the overall experience.

Matt Brown, Vixxo's chief revenue officer, said he was surprised by some of the results because of how much people use their phones today and how much convenience is valued.

“The data underscores the importance of a consistently positive customer experience for increasing both customer traffic and sales,” Brown said. “Whether they dine-in or carry-out, guests notice when the quality of the food, from the temperature to the taste, are inconsistent. In fact, quality impacts the entire dining experience, including how well equipment functions and ultimately supports the staff’s ability to efficiently serve its guests.”

While the survey shows more people want to eat out, that doesn’t mean things are easy for restaurateurs. Just in the Valley, retail leasing was up in 2019 compared with 2018, most of which was by food-and-beverage operators.

Vixxo’s survey found that 43% of those who dine out said their frequency increased during the past year, and 46% of people who order takeout or delivery increased their number of orders as well.

“Not only is it harder to get folks into your restaurant because of all the competition,” Brown said, “But if you get them into the restaurant, they need to have an amazing experience.”

Experience also is important for those who get take out. Short pickup lines, pleasant staff, accuracy and quality are all things that were important to takeout and delivery diners and could impact whether or not they return to use that business.

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