Mar 13, 2020 7:00:00 AM | 1 minute read

At Vixxo, the health and safety of our employees, customers and service provider network are our number one priority. This is fundamental to our business and why we are highly selective and drive high standards for the Service Providers in our network.

To ensure we maintain both a healthy Service Provider network and internal team to support them in this challenging time, we have taken several measures over the past few weeks in response to Coronavirus. These have included:

  • Releasing enhanced health, safety and reporting protocols related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our Service Provider Network to ensure specific measures to contain the spread of illness are being followed onsite
  • Updating our technician dispatch e-mails to provide key information related to Coronavirus and the general containment of illness while onsite
  • Rapidly communicated client information to our network to ensure updates are providing clear direction on site specific requirements and availability
  • Ensuring we have remote work and other supporting plans in place to ensure Vixxo back-end support operations are not disrupted in the event of onsite closures
  • Following CDC Guidance on best practices to contain and reduce the spread of the virus

Vixxo will continue to monitor the situation, plan accordingly, and act strategically as the dynamics around this event shift.

We ask that our clients keep the lines of communication open and notify the Vixxo team of any disruptions to your operations that would necessitate significant adjustments to how we are providing services to you. This can be communicated through account contacts or via our Service Centers.

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