Razzoo's Picks Vixxo for its Facilities Management Solution

Oct 23, 2018 7:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Vixxo, a facilities management leader focused on providing a seamless, intuitive experience for a vast portfolio of brands across the United States and Canada, announced today that it will provide facilities management services for Razzoo’s, Inc. Dallas-based restaurants. Vixxo will be responsible for full-service facilities management at Razzoo’s, including all skilled trades, repairs, and scheduled maintenance. Through Vixxo’s management of Razzoo’s restaurants, the Razzoo team will have access to new data that will guide better decisions about store assets, while Vixxo’s experienced associates and service technicians will drive repair quality and consistency across locations.

Since 1991, Razzoo’s has served authentic southern Gulf Coast food prepared from scratch at its Razzoo’s Cajun Cafés. More recently, the company has added a new concept, Tricky Fish, that also serves southern classics.
“Nothing inspires Vixxo more than a successful client with a rapid expansion strategy,” said Jim Reavey, Vixxo president and chief executive officer. “By streamlining facilities management for Razzoo’s, we keep their assets running smoothly and contribute to their strategic growth.”

Backed by nearly 40 years of facilities management success, Vixxo’s trusted associates, innovative solutions and proven results are the choice of clients ranging from midsize to Fortune 500 companies. With specialized expertise in the convenience, grocery, restaurant and retail industries, Vixxo successfully manages more than 1.1 million assets across more than 65,000 locations.

“Razzoo’s feels comfortable working with a company who thoroughly understands the restaurant business and brings its deep expertise literally to the table,” said Craig Bayless, director of facilities, Razzoo’s. “Vixxo’s knowledge of our business is critical, but they also have significant experience with other rapidly growing brands. We’re looking forward to learning from that know-how.”

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