C-Store Foodservice Revolution: Are You Ready to Grab a Slice of the Pie?

Mar 12, 2024 12:52:16 PM | 5 minute read

Jon Murray (1)by Jon Murray

With nearly 8 years of experience at Vixxo, Jon Murray is a seasoned professional who has proven to be an invaluable asset in Vixxo’s C-Store Projects and Construction Division. His wealth of knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in developing effective facility solutions for a variety of organizations. Stay updated on the latest C-store trends as Jon guides you through it all.

The convenience store (C-store) landscape is in flux. Forget the days of just gas and candy bars. Today's consumers are hungry for more, and they're looking to C-stores to fill the gap.

The Rise of Foodservice:

Customers on the go crave fresh, convenient food options. They want to ditch the long lines at restaurants and grab a satisfying meal or healthy snack at the C-store. The stats speak for themselves:

  • 60% of Americans consider buying a meal at a C-store instead of fast food.
  • 1 in 3 customers want more fresh food choices at their local C-store.

The rise of electric vehicles, with their longer charging times, presents another opportunity. Hungry drivers can grab a bite while their car refuels (with electricity, of course).

Winning Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Market

With so many C-store options, how do you keep customers coming back for more? Loyalty programs are a good start (73% of C-stores already offer them), but discounts aren't everything. The overall customer experience is key. Think clean, well-lit stores with an inviting atmosphere. Here's what matters to customers:

  • Bright and welcoming canopy area
  • Fresh, delicious coffee (bean-to-cup is a major plus!)
  • Sparkling clean restrooms


Revamps and Remodels: A Fresh Look, Fresh Results

Many C-stores are undergoing refreshes and remodels to meet these changing demands. These can range from a cosmetic upgrade with improved lighting and a paint job to a complete overhaul, optimizing the layout for a more food-focused experience.

Case Study: From Slump to Success

Let's look at a real-world example. A leading C-store chain saw declining sales and knew they needed a change. Here's what they did:


  • Expanded Foodservice: They introduced a wider selection of fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, and hot meals.
  • Focus on Freshness: Upgraded food display cases and stricter food safety protocols ensured top quality.
  • Coffee Matters: Freshly brewed bean-to-cup coffee became a priority.
  • A Welcoming Environment: The entire store received a makeover, from clean restrooms to a cohesive aesthetic.


The Results

The project was completed in just 10 days with minimal disruption as the store remained open and still ran business as usual. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Sales are on the rise, and customers love the fresh food options and inviting atmosphere, keeping existing customers loyal and bringing in a captive new audience of customers with more options than ever!

shutterstock_1686879883The customer shared, "Throughout the entire project, the communication from Vixxo team was excellent. It played a crucial role in ensuring that our day-to-day operations continued smoothly, and most importantly, the store sales were not adversely affected during the renovation period. The store's new look is receiving special honor from both our staff and customers. We believe this new look will contribute to boost in sales in the coming months, possibly reaching double-digit growth.”

How to Execute a Successful Revamp:

But how did we achieve such a fast turnaround with minimal disruption? Here's a closer look at what we did to ensure a successful C-store revamp:

  • Understanding Your Needs: Vixxo doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our project group starts by getting a deep understanding of your specific needs and goals. We then translate that understanding into a national rollout plan.
  • Technology is King: Efficiency is key, and Vixxo leverages technology to streamline the process. We use surveys to assess existing stores and define the national scope of the project. This ensures a smooth project flow from the beginning.
  • Collaboration is Key: A successful project requires a team effort. Vixxo fosters a collaborative approach, working closely with your corporate office, local franchisees, and vendors. This ensures everyone is on the same page and contributes their expertise.
  • Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results: Vixxo understands that even minor disruptions can hurt your business. That's why we prioritize minimizing store closure times. Our experienced crews receive equipment directly and install it efficiently, keeping disruptions to a minimum.
  • Focus on the Customer: Vixxo knows that fresh, delicious coffee is a major draw for C-store customers. That's why we prioritized installing bean-to-cup coffee makers in the remodel. We are data-driven, using existing store surveys to identify areas for improvement in your food service program.
  • A Streamlined Project from Start to Finish: From the initial survey to the final touches, Vixxo manages the entire project. Our process is designed to be efficient, ensuring a swift turnaround and minimal disruption to your business. In the case study, the entire remodel, including new equipment and wall finishes, was completed in just 10 days!

The Takeaway: Don't Miss Out on the Foodservice Revolution

The C-store landscape is changing, and food service is a major driver of growth. By offering fresh food options, prioritizing a clean and welcoming environment, and focusing on customer experience, you can position your C-store chain for success. Are you ready to take a bite of the new array of options that could be offered at your stores?

Reach out to us today so we can discuss how to tailor projects specifically for your facilities and maximize their potential!