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How Improved Signage Can Mean More Visibility For Your Business

Mar 5, 2020 5:04:00 PM

Signs are often the first exposure customers have to your business.

Whether customers are specifically looking for your storefront or decide to stop in after seeing your sign on their daily commute, signage plays a vital role in raising awareness and attracting shoppers. The importance of modern, effective and highly visible signs can’t be overlooked.


First impressions form quickly. When it comes to businesses, your building and the signage it displays will be the basis of that first impression for many customers.

You don’t have much time to act. In terms of interactions between two people, first impressions form in just milliseconds, according to research from the University of York’s Department of Psychology. Your company may have even less time to make its mark, as many potential customers will see your signage in an active environment full of competitors and other local businesses.

You need signs that stand out in a positive way. Highlighting what’s most important to your brand and giving customers a taste of what’s available inside your storefront are key goals. A great sign can encourage a potential customer to cross the threshold and come one step closer to making a purchase.


When your company decides to partner with Vixxo, it benefits from a full-service solution for the entire signage process. Our experienced project management and service teams provide guidance and support from the first discussions about new signage design to fabricating and installing it. Your organization can decide your level of input and let us handle the rest. 

Crafting effective signage means paying close attention to key design elements as well as practical factors, like durability and exposure to environmental factors. We take all of these issues into account when developing highly visible and long-lasting signs, with a focus on protecting brand identity and integrity.

Consistency is an especially important consideration that multi-location businesses need to make when considering an update to signage or an entirely new design. Implementing new signage at some locations but not others can confuse current customers and introduce a lack of harmony in your brand.

A coordinated roll-out emphasizes uniformity, ensuring customers are only exposed to one logo and other key markers of your company’s identity. Our capabilities in this area are especially valuable. Whether you have a few locations, a few dozen or many more, we ensure a quick and consistent roll-out through detailed planning and consultation with our project management and service experts.


Vixxo has a wealth of experience in the world of sign design, fabrication and installation. We’re here to help you handle all of your signage needs, from simple yet important updates to total redesigns. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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