A Strong Relationship With Your FM Partner Aligns Preventative Scope With Your Financial Goals

Dec 23, 2019 10:05:00 AM | 3 minute read

Keeping facilities up and running is a critical concern for everyone from the C-suite to facilities managers and front line workers. With less downtime, there are fewer disruptions, more productivity and an enhanced customer experience.

An established partnership with a facilities maintenance provider sets the stage for a number of improvements directly related to uptime. When a knowledgeable, dependable FM partner consistently services the same assets and develops a strong understanding of them, addressing issues and completing routine maintenance are that much more manageable. 

That same partnership makes preventative maintenance significantly easier, leading to broad opportunities for cost savings as compared to deferred or reactive repairs. With the right proactive maintenance strategy, your business can increase asset lifetimes and make more informed capital decisions, thanks to the valuable information provided by technology driven analytics. Making repair vs. replace decisions before an asset breaks down or requires comprehensive maintenance saves both time and money.

Let’s look at the ways your FM partner can help your business fire on all cylinders and save money by avoiding costly breakdowns and delays.


Plumbing systems handle thousands of gallons of fresh, gray and waste water, providing a steady flow in and out. 

Preventative maintenance for plumbing helps your organization:

  • Detect risks and small problems like slow leaks before they become more serious.
  • Clear small, partial blockages quickly, ensuring optimal flow.
  • Maintain ideal or required water pressure in the long term.
  • Replace damaged or at-risk components in an efficient, targeted manner.

A proactive maintenance schedule helps to improve uptime and reduce the potential for loss or damage. It keeps all of the systems and workflows that rely on the free flow of water functioning with minimal delays. From dripping faucets to leaks in industrial pipes, your FM partner can correct issues that would otherwise quickly add up.

When an FM partner regularly services your plumbing systems, they gain valuable knowledge of its many components and how they function together. This context offers additional benefits: Your technicians can identify and track areas that face exceptional stress or heavy use, paying attention to them and acting when appropriate. Your FM partner can work with you to develop a preventative maintenance schedule that takes your system, needs, budget and other key factors into account while unlocking the many cost benefits associated with a proactive approach.


Few HVAC and refrigeration systems can operate on a part-time basis. Your company needs reliable assets in place to maintain consistent temperatures. Whether it’s critical safety issues related to refrigeration or simply keeping employees and customers comfortable, consistent function is non-negotiable.

Maintaining HVAC and refrigeration systems through preventative maintenance offers a variety of cost benefits. Two key advantages are:

  1. Energy savings through ensuring the equipment operates at maximum efficiency.
  2. Increased equipment life cycles.

Reducing noise and maintaining optimal temperature within work spaces can seem more like quality-of-life benefits, but they also encourage employee performance and reduce potential distractions. Your business can also make improvements to the customer experience and reduce the risk of significant losses by consistently storing products within the correct temperature range.

An FM partner committed to preventative maintenance for HVAC and refrigeration means strong operational knowledge of your systems that informs every relevant decision. With this strategy in place, your company can consistently save money by avoiding significant breakdowns as well as making the most efficient decisions possible for the many smaller concerns that can arise.


Electricity is the lifeblood of modern business processes. It provides the spark necessary for everything from critical assets - like refrigeration systems - to control panels and monitoring devices. 

A steady flow of electricity helps businesses keep their doors open for customers, suppliers and staff alike. Every second that electricity is delivered safely and consistently to a facility is a second that a facility operates as planned and avoids the costs that can come with disruptions.

A strong partnership with an FM partner that’s focused on preventative maintenance means a healthier electrical system and more reliable operations. Even in instances where parts have to be replaced or a section of the facility needs to be rewired, it’s possible to schedule such processes ahead of time. This allows resources to be reallocated, further improving cost-saving efforts. In addition, larger concerns related to frayed or exposed wires and overloaded systems can be corrected before they lead to catastrophic breakdowns or damage to key assets.


With decades of industry experience, data-driven cost management processes and a focus on collaboration between all relevant stakeholders, Vixxo is a strategic partner that can meet the maintenance needs of modern businesses. Through a preventative maintenance plan for your core systems, you can maximize cost savings and gain valuable insight into the state of those critical assets.

To learn more about how we prioritize preventative maintenance and drive positive results focused on cost savings, schedule a call with us today.