Consistent Food Service Equipment Maintenance Means Smoother Workflows And Happier Customers

Jan 17, 2020 1:08:00 PM | 4 minute read

Food service and beverage equipment is a foundational element of strategy and operations for businesses ranging from restaurants and cafes to commissaries and cafeterias. When equipment doesn’t operate as intended, it can introduce issues like higher operational costs, decreased output, compromised food safety and unappealing final products. Even worse, these assets going offline can quickly bring operations to a halt and harm both the bottom line and customers’ perception of your brand.

A carefully developed equipment maintenance plan can help businesses mitigate poor performance and downtime, supporting their mission to serve customers efficiently and safely.


To keep food service equipment functional, a reactive plan is better than no plan at all. But it also leaves many potential benefits on the table. If a business only reaches out to a service provider when these crucial tools demonstrate a recurring problem or have failed completely, it leads to a number of issues. They can include:

  • Higher costs for more involved repairs. Any damage caused by operating the unit while in less-than-perfect condition can compound the issue, requiring an additional investment to get it back in working order.
  • Shorter equipment life cycles. When repairs only occur following a catastrophe, it’s more likely that significant damage will irreparably harm the unit. The longer a food service business operates, the more complications it will have to endure in relation to terminal equipment failures tied to a lack of strong maintenance strategies.
  • A lack of familiarity and dependability on the part of service providers. If a business is only attempting to fix a problem after it boils over, it will likely turn to the technician that can respond on the shortest timeline. That comes at the expense of factors like experience and knowledge of the equipment’s operating history.

With a consistent maintenance schedule and a trustworthy service provider, your business can address all of these serious issues. A facilities maintenance provider that regularly visits your business to conduct preventative maintenance will develop in-depth knowledge of your specific tools and systems. Similarly, you can ensure your technicians are trained and certified in working with unique equipment types ahead of time, instead of scrambling to find an available provider who can provide a working, but not optimal, solution in the face of a crisis.


Predictive analytics draws on existing data to make informed forecasts about equipment performance and life cycles. When your business works with a facilities maintenance partner that utilizes predictive analytics, it means more effective choices related to:

  • Deciding when to repair equipment, and when to replace it.
  • Scheduling maintenance to address potential issues before they become more serious concerns.
  • Budgeting for maintenance activities before any action is taken, allowing for more effective long-term oversight.

Predictive analytics gives your business the power to make better long-term decisions in a number of areas. When it comes to maintaining your food service and beverage equipment specifically, it’s easy to see how this forecasting tool can empower your business to make the most efficient and beneficial choices possible.


Enhanced customer experience can be difficult to quantify in simple financial terms, but there’s no doubt it strengthens your company’s bottom line. That’s especially true in an industry like food service, where customers generally have a range of options. With a partner that can provide consistent maintenance and a proactive strategy for addressing this need, your company serves its customers to the best of its ability. That means fewer opportunities for customers to have bad experiences and instead the potential for more consistent, predictable and positive performances.

Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat visits, whether they’re choosing your restaurant from the many locally available options or more frequently visiting in a setting like an office cafeteria or commissary. When customers receive consistent top-tier service and aren’t restricted by limited menus, long wait times or unexpected operational shutdowns, they’re more likely to recommend your business to coworkers, friends and family. While the specifics will change from one business to the next, there’s a clear connection between strong service - which itself is facilitated by properly running and well-maintained equipment - and a more dependable customer base.


It’s clear that the right partner can position your business to minimize food service and beverage equipment downtime, effectively plan around equipment life cycles and provide valuable forecasts for maintenance budgeting. 

Vixxo brings a strong track record of successful facilities maintenance to the table. We have the expertise and infrastructure to connect you with service providers who can repair and maintain food service and beverage equipment like yours. We also have the technical expertise to provide the predictive analytics forecasting that’s so valuable to your maintenance strategy.

To learn more about how Vixxo can help your business facilitate smoother workflows and happier customers, get in touch with us today.

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