Boosting Your Bottom Line Up to 15% with Facilities Management

Apr 13, 2023 11:50:12 AM | 4 minute read

Every business needs a thoughtful and tailored facilities management solution. Whether handling logistics for new equipment installations or repairs or maintaining signage and lighting, operating your locations is a full-time job with additional costs. For convenience or grocery stores, maximizing budget efficiency is a top priority, and for this reason, proper facilities management is a necessity. Facilities management can help reduce costs by an average of 5-15% while improving your customer and employee experience.

Keep reading to learn how the right facilities management partner can make the difference between breaking even and increasing profits.

Cost-Reduction Strategies

Let's start with what matters most – cutting costs. When it comes to running your business, managing costs is critical. Every dollar saved can make a big difference and enable you to invest in other opportunities.

An effective facilities management partner can help reduce operating costs by identifying cost-saving opportunities. For example, an outdated piece of equipment may use much more power than a modern energy-efficient option. A facilities management provider could help you identify areas where waste could be reduced and help you implement a plan for upgrading or replacing equipment and lighting.  One grocery operator saved $780,000 across over 2000 locations thanks to Vixxo insights and analytics.

These cost-saving opportunities may seem small, but they add up. Even a small reduction in expenses can help you free up funds to hire new employees, invest in new equipment, or make much-needed improvements to your facilities.

Enhancing Productivity

A safe and comfortable work environment is essential for employee productivity and satisfaction. Employees who feel safe in their work environment are more likely to be engaged and motivated to perform their best. A safe work environment is free from hazards and potential risks that could harm employees. Facilities management providers can help businesses identify those hazards and risks and take steps to mitigate them, making the workplace safer for employees.

Facilities management plays a critical role in creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment. Poorly maintained equipment can lead to breakdowns and disruptions, ultimately affecting employee productivity. The right partner can conduct regular inspections and repairs, ensuring equipment is functioning correctly. Knowing that your equipment is up to date on maintenance and working as efficiently as possible can make managing multiple locations much less stressful.  

Mitigating Risks Preventative (or Proactive) Maintenance

As previously mentioned, facilities management partners are experts in identifying potential hazards and risks associated with equipment. With their network of skilled technicians, they can provide you with equipment and maintenance suggestions that help keep risks low. Additionally, most quality providers can perform routine checks as well as preventative maintenance, ensuring your business is always compliant and up to date.

Identifying compliance or risk issues before they happen is essential, but preventative maintenance ensures those changes are implemented. Rather than waiting for equipment to break down or fail, a facilities management provider can take proactive steps to keep equipment in good working order and prevent issues before they occur.

For example, a facilities management provider may schedule regular inspections of HVAC systems to ensure they are functioning properly and efficiently while making adjustments or repairs as needed to prevent breakdowns or failures. Performing regular maintenance on electrical systems or other critical equipment ensures those systems continue to run smoothly. By catching potential issues early and addressing them before they become major problems, businesses can avoid costly downtime and repairs, as well as the costs associated with emergency repairs or equipment replacements.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Creating an exceptional and unforgettable customer experience is essential for businesses in convenience and grocery industries. Where competition is heavy and customer loyalty is unpredictable, customers want more than just a transactional experience in today's demanding environment. They want a seamless and personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more.

A facilities management partner can help businesses design and execute this kind of experience in a way that saves them money. For example, suppose a grocery store wants to redesign its layout to improve the customer experience and increase sales. A partner can also offer expertise in designing, executing, and hiring skilled professionals, making it easy to complete the project on time and within budget.

By working with a facilities management partner, you can ensure you're delivering a consistent and high-quality customer experience across all of your locations, helping you build a loyal customer base and ultimately increasing revenue.


Facilities management is a critical component of any business's success. You can reap numerous benefits by prioritizing facilities management, including increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings, improved safety, risk mitigation, and an enhanced customer experience.

By partnering with a professional facilities management provider, you can trust that your facilities and equipment are well-maintained, compliant, and operating efficiently. If you're ready to achieve your business goals, maximize your savings, and prioritize facilities management, we'd love to help.

Reach out today to discuss your goals with a Vixxo facilities management expert.


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