What Minimizing downtime will mean for your business

Apr 12, 2023 6:29:12 PM | 4 minute read

Operating multiple retail, convenience store, and food service business locations comes with various challenges in reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions. Equipment breakdowns, maintenance and repair issues, and lack of access to skilled trade labor can put a dent in your bottom line when you consider these disruptions mean lost sales and costly expenses.  

 To address these challenges, many businesses are partnering with dedicated facilities management companies offering comprehensive equipment maintenance, proactive upkeep and repair services, access to skilled trade labor, technology, data-driven solutions, and customized facilities management solutions.  

 Based on our experience, there are five key benefits to partnering with a leading facilities management company that add real value to your business. Read on to learn more! 

 Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance 

 The first thing to consider when comparing facilities management providers is their scope of services. Equipment maintenance encompasses more than just a quick once-over every few months. In fact, to keep equipment running efficiently, you need regular upkeep performed by knowledgeable technicians. For example, ENERGY STAR recommends several services for adequately maintaining an HVAC system. Checking refrigerant levels, cleaning coils, and inspecting electrical connections are among the many components that must be maintained to prevent breakdowns and downtime.  

 Proactive Upkeep and Repairs 

 Reacting to a maintenance issue will cost you much more than regular maintenance. Not only do you have to pay for emergency repairs, but you're losing out on sales and merchandise while your equipment is out of service. Regular upkeep can improve the reliability of your systems and keep your operations running efficiently. 

 Vixxo is your partner for preventive equipment maintenance, ensuring your systems stay operational. Our regular inspections detect and address potential issues before they cause catastrophic equipment breakdowns. The last thing you want is for your fuel pumps to be out of service during peak rush hour. Emergency repairs are not only costly, but they cost you lost sales and wasted labor. Preventive maintenance ensures you're continuously operating at peak efficiency across all your locations, while our network of skilled trade labor quickly gets you back up and running in the event of an emergency.  

 Access to Skilled Trade Labor 

 Finding the right provider for skilled labor can be difficult. Aside from the headaches of scheduling and negotiating rates, having special equipment like refrigeration, HVAC systems, food service & beverage equipment and fuel pumps - not to mention the parking lots, roofs, and electrical and plumbing needs - means you need to find the right technician. Operating multiple locations also compounds the issue, making it critical to have the right facilities management partner. 

 One of the most valuable services that Vixxo provides is access to some of the best skilled labor in the country. Our reliable network is ready to assist despite a nationwide shortage of skilled labor. We employ a proprietary system that finds the best tradespeople and gets you the best pricing. Our network doesn't stop at expert plumbers, electricians, or repair techs. Our highly specialized partners can address complex or unique issues and equipment, perfect for locations like food service or fuel stores where only certified techs can accomplish a certain job.  

 Technology and Data-Driven Solutions 

 Keeping an eye on all your locations becomes increasingly challenging the more sites you monitor. Some locations are older than others, and some require more attention. That's why Vixxo employs the latest technology and data solutions to help you keep track of all your locations' service requests and repair history. Having a partner tracking your work orders, giving you proactive and predictive reminders, and streamlining your maintenance and repair processes is invaluable. With Vixxo, you'll have access to the latest tech, making it easy to track a work order from start to finish without being personally involved. 

 Customized Facilities Management Solutions 

 Not all food service, convenience, fuel store, or retail locations have the same maintenance requirements. Even within their own industries, a quick-serve restaurant will have vastly different needs from a fine-dining restaurant. A customized plan that can address specific challenges faced by each business and each site, such as equipment age or geographic location, is crucial for maintaining uptime.  

 Vixxo offers an ongoing evaluation of your facilities management program to identify areas for improvement and optimize your operations. For example, a location near the ocean may require more frequent or more in-depth HVAC service to combat the harsh impact that salt water can have on the units. The proper facilities management provider can give you a proactive evaluation and plan that ensures your locations remain efficient. The best part is you'll have regular open lines of communication with a dedicated account manager that ensures your specs and needs are addressed promptly and with the personalized attention required to keep disruptions to a minimum.  


 Keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently is necessary to stay ahead. In today's highly competitive market, retail, convenience store, and food service businesses that operate multiple locations cannot afford to face downtime and disruptions. By partnering with a facilities management expert like Vixxo, you can reduce downtime and minimize disruptions caused by equipment breakdowns, maintenance and repair issues, and lack of access to skilled trade labor.  


Find more information about maximizing efficiency. Check out more of our blogs, or if you're ready to consider a facilities partner, reach out to us. We're ready to help! 

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