What You Need To Know About Switching To LED Lighting

Jan 28, 2020 1:07:00 PM | 2 minute read

Making a change to your current lighting infrastructure can help create the best environment possible within your facility, as well as offer other benefits such as cost savings. LED lighting in particular can create a brighter, safer and more enjoyable atmosphere.


Compared to similar fluorescent bulbs, LED lights last longer and use less energy to operate. 

That translates into direct cost savings for your company without sacrificing any brightness or overall quality of your lighting. With a reduced need for maintenance, there’s less time spent on managing light infrastructure as well.

The U.S. Department of Energy highlighted a number of key benefits related to LED lighting as compared to other commonly available options. LEDs:

  • Are more durable, making them less prone to accidental breakage.
  • Provide lighting that’s as good or better than the alternatives.
  • Emit a negligible amount of heat relative to incandescent and CFL bulbs.
  • Are much smaller than similar bulbs, making them easier to implement where space is a concern.
  • Have color ratios that can be adjusted to create natural white light as well as many other hues.
  • Can often fit into existing fixtures, making it that much easier to transition to them.

The directional nature of LED lights is also worth noting. Compared to bulbs that emit light in all directions, LEDs are more targeted. This reduces the need to implement reflectors and diffusers. Instead, LED lights can simply be pointed toward their intended target.

Vixxo helps businesses manage all aspects of their facilities, serving as a trusted and proven provider. That extends into lighting, whether your business needs support for signage, exterior lighting, interior lighting or a combination of all three. With a focus on cost savings, effective management and connecting businesses with dependable experts in every field, partnering with Vixxo can help make your transition to LED lighting as bright as possible.

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