Five benefits of finding the right facilities management partner for your business

Mar 27, 2023 3:07:42 PM | 5 minute read

Companies outsourcing their facilities management typically save between 10 and 15% annually. For c-store, grocery, and retail, this accounts for a sizable chunk of the operating budget. Finding the right facilities management partner can be a game-changer, providing access to skilled labor, consistent maintenance, project management, tailored services, and even help with scalability and expansion, all with transparent costs and an overall reduction in expenses. 

Read on to learn about five benefits of outsourcing your facilities management and how companies who do can transform their operations, saving time and improving their bottom line.  

1: Access to Skilled Labor 

With the U.S. facing a nationwide labor shortage, finding the skilled labor you need to keep your stores running smoothly can be difficult. With contractor availability dwindling and costs skyrocketing, outsourcing your facilities management to a partner with a network of highly skilled and specialized technicians can be incredibly valuable.  

 Having a partner who can vet and vouch for an exceptionally skilled labor force who can provide service when you need it is crucial. Rather than sourcing repair & maintenance, or installation technicians yourself, your facilities partner handles everything from start to finish, allowing you to focus on more important operational tasks. Best of all, by having a facilities management provider handling your skilled labor needs, you'll pay consistent and transparent costs.  

 2: Consistent Maintenance and Upkeep 

 Keeping up with equipment maintenance schedules for one location can be a nightmare, let alone multiple locations. Store managers can be an excellent resource for staying on top of regular maintenance, but the truth is, they're already stretched thin, and it's easy to put maintenance off. Unfortunately, this can result in equipment and systems failures, meaning downtime, lost sales, and possibly spoiled merchandise. 

 For such an important task, it makes sense to partner with an expert facilities leader to ensure equipment uptime remains a priority. Outsourcing your regular equipment maintenance to a third party not only frees up your staff but creates consistency across locations and an exceptional customer experience.  

 3: Project Management Support 

 Sometimes you don't need a full-time facilities management partner, but you have a particular project to complete for which you either don't have time or don't have sufficient staff. In these cases, having a project management partner can be a lifesaver. Whether it's updating signage, equipment installation, a complete remodel, or refresh of one or multiple locations, a dedicated facilities and project management company can help you achieve your goal on time and under budget.  

 It's easy for tasks to snowball, from ordering materials to overseeing design to logistics and store downtime. Even a simple task like updating signage across locations can quickly become a months-long affair. In scenarios like this, a third-party partner can ensure each location receives the attention it needs to secure consistency in only a few days. As just one example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vixxo was able to source, produce, and install protective register barriers at over 4000 of one client's locations in only ten days! 

 4: Customized Service 

 Your business is unique, and so are its challenges. Some locations may require a specialized approach or face challenges that others don't. With some operators running hundreds or even thousands of locations across the country, it can be a daunting task to effectively manage operations. A facilities management partner can help keep track of each location's needs and handle issues as they arise with a tailored service that addresses that location's specific challenges. 

 Additionally, having a facilities management partner handle special events or projects can enable you to achieve exciting results like custom signage, lighting, or themes for different locations while maintaining the core brand standards. Creating personalized experiences at each location is no easy feat, but with an expert facilitator by your side, you can let your brand explore more creative options. 

 5: Scalability and Expansion 

 Expanding to new locations is exciting, but also overwhelming. Entering a new market in the convenience or grocery vertical is particularly challenging, given the market's competitive nature. The last thing you need is to worry about the logistics of getting the new brick-and-mortar ready for opening day. Luckily, your facilities and project management partner can mitigate these situations allowing you to focus on the operations of a new rollout.  

 More importantly, having a third party oversee a new location opening creates consistency between locations and streamlines the process. Plus, having a ready-to-go workforce to spearhead expansion makes scalability as quick as requesting service for a new site. With retail, grocery, and c-store industries all experiencing steady growth, having a partner in your corner who can assist you every step of the way may be advantageous. 

 Outsourcing your facilities and project management tasks has a number of benefits, from reducing time spent on planning and logistics to an improved customer experience and increased efficiency. Vixxo is a leading facilities management provider that offers services in dedicated facilities management, trade services, and special projects. Having a partner with the expertise to execute your vision can make all the difference. Discover how Vixxo can empower your operation by contacting us today. 

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