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Key Considerations for Executing a Successful Facility Maintenance RFP

By Vixxo Management on Mar 15, 2021 3:46:12 PM

Topics: Facility Management
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Key Benefits of Partnering with a Facilities Management Company

By Vixxo Management on Jan 8, 2021 2:24:58 PM

Topics: Service Technicians and Coverage Facility Management Analytics & Data Insights Cost Efficiencies
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How to Implement a Successful Facilities Management Pilot Program

By Vixxo Management on Dec 2, 2020 5:29:57 PM

Topics: Facility Management Analytics & Data Insights Cost Efficiencies
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Reimagining the Brick & Mortar Customer Experience in a Digital World

By Vixxo Management on Oct 23, 2020 10:59:15 AM

Topics: COVID-19 Retail Stores Facility Management Technology Customer Experience
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The Future of Self-Service in Grocery Stores

By Arin Alexander (VP, Client Success) on Oct 2, 2020 3:08:27 PM

Topics: COVID-19 Grocery Stores Facility Management Design
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Have Restaurant Dining Trends Permanently Shifted?

By Arin Alexander (VP, Client Success) & Gary Stevenson (Division President) on Oct 2, 2020 2:47:15 PM

Topics: COVID-19 Facility Management Restaurants Design Customer Experience
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Curb Appeal Isn't Just for Selling Homes

By Sumit Kar (Sr. Director, Operations) & Eric Warner (Director, Construction) on Sep 1, 2020 6:09:50 PM

Topics: Convenience Stores Facility Management Design Customer Experience
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Online Shopping Surges Create Additional Demands on Grocers

By Michael Sutherland on Aug 6, 2020 5:13:59 PM

With the increase of on-demand apps and third-party delivery services over the last few years, there has been a big shift among consumers toward online shopping that has forced grocery stores to adapt their operations in order to keep up with the demand.

Topics: Grocery Stores Facility Management
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Grocery Store Operations in the New Normal

By Arin Alexander (VP, Client Success) on Aug 3, 2020 5:10:28 PM

The world we live in has changed drastically in just a few months. Society is operating by a completely different set of norms in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ways we work, eat, shop and interact may never return to what they were before.  

Topics: COVID-19 Grocery Stores
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Instilling Security In A Time Of Angst

By Michael Sutherland on Apr 8, 2020 1:32:00 PM


Topics: COVID-19 Grocery Stores Convenience Stores Rapid Response Planning